Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


5. Chapter 4: The Forbidden Scroll and Naruto Graduates

P.S. This part was a little hard to put in so tell me what you think^_^

(Later that Night):

(Luna's POV):

 I was In the kitchen looking for something to eat for dinner besides Ramen. 

Yes, I know what your thinking, 'Your Naruto's sister yet you eat food other than Ramen?' Right? Well unlike my brother I do want to eat healthy food as well.

I stand up straight being finished looking threw the fridge and look at the clock on the wall. 

   '7:30p.m.' Is what it says and Naruto still isn't back yet from when I last saw him, which he was with that white haired chunin from the exam.

"Once I'm done eating I'll go look for him." I say to myself once I put all of the sandwich stuff on the counter.

'I'm gonna make myself a ham and cheese sandwich with tomato.' I think to myself as I start making my sandwich.

  A half hour later

   I just got finished eating my sandwhich and it's now '8:00p.m.', and Naruto still isn't back. So once I have everything put away from dinner. I grab the key to the apartment. Grab my gear. Put my shoes on. And head out to look for my knucklehead of a brother.

A Few Minutes Later:

  After checking the places where I would normally find my brother at and turning up empty handed. I go and look at the training grounds. Near the forest.

  All of a sudden I hear a crashing like sound. 'A fight?' I think while heading towards the sound thinking that I might find my brother.

When I get closer to where the sound comes from. A big shuriken( I think that's what it's called) comes towards me.

  I jump out of the way of the shuriken. When it flies past me something wet lands on my face. I take my hand and place it on my right cheek that the substance landed on and bring my hand up in front of my view. It's Red. Blood. But who's?

 I rush towards where the shuriken came from to see Iruka sensei and that white haired chunin at what looks to me like a stand off. But Iruka is kneeling on the ground with a wound on his back, while Mizuki is standing up with a Shuriken on his back like the one I found.

'so it was his.' I think while wondering what is going on.

I listen carefully.

  "Ha your a joke as soon as I find Naruto and get the scroll, I'll be back for you." The white haired Chunnin says to Iruka while jumping off into the trees.

'Naruto?' I think confused at what this has to do with my brother, but then I think of what the chunnin said. 'Find Naruto and get the scroll'. I don't waste my time thinking on that when I realize Iruka is planning to go off after Mizuki. 

'Time to show myself' I think while stepping out from behind the tree I was hiding behind.

  "Iruka sensei!! What does he mean by 'find Naruto and get the scroll'?!!! I ask as I see Iruka freeze at the sudden sound of my voice.

"Luna!!! Help me stop Mizuki from reaching Naruto!!!" Iruka asks me clearly avoiding my question.

  "Fine but afterwards you better tell me what happened from the beginning." I agree while Iruka nods his head at my deal of helping him.

A few minutes Later:

 Iruka came up with a plan where he will clone himself to look like Naruto so the white haired chunnin who I found out is named Mizuki will go after him while I continue to find the real Naruto.

  'So I'm back to what I was doing in the first place' I think while sweatdropping at the thought and jumping through the trees to search for my brother easier.

   I suddenly spot a blob of orange up ahead and know at once that it's Naruto. A few feet away is Iruka sensei and Mizuki having another discussion. I jump down from the tree i am in to Naruto. He jumps slightly at my sudden appearance clutching a huge scroll tightly to his body.

"Naruto are you alright?" I ask him quietly while he suddenly gets up and hugs me. I'm caught off gaurd by the action, but I hug him back anyway. Meanwhile we both listen to Mizuki talk bad about not only Naruto but me as well.

   " Why are you protecting those freaks, they're the ones who wiped out your family." Mizuki says to Iruka who is leaning against a tree the injury he recieved before still hurting him greatly.

"I don't care what you say. You're not getting your hands on that scroll." Iruka replies with confidence.

  " As if you could stop me, don't you get it? Naruto is just like me." Mizuki states

 'No he's not' I think while still holding my little brother and glaring at Mizuki.

" How's that?" Iruka asks.

"He wants the scroll for his own power, and his own vengence. That's how beasts are. He'll pour all his rage into the scroll, and distroy everything." Mizuki shouts stating all the wrong facts about my brother because he is nothing like the Nine-Tailed Fox.

'Grrrrrrrr' I hear the beast growl at my thought.

'Well its the truth isn't it?' I ask the Kyuubi and there is silence.

   "Your right. That is how beasts are. But that's not how Luna and Naruto is. They're nothing like that, they're one of a kind, they work hard put their whole heart into it. Sure he messes up sometimes and everyone jumps on them. But their sufforing only makes them stronger. That's what separates them from being a beast. So you're wrong, they're nothing like Nine-Tailed Fox. They're Naruto and Luna Uzumaki!! Of the Village Hidden in the Leaves!!!!" I hear Iruka shout out proudly about us towards Mizuki while during the speech Naruto let go of me and sat down on the ground clutching the scroll once more but this time crying. I have a few tears coming out of my eyes myself.

  "Heh you really believe that drivvel(?) Iruka!? I was going to save you for later, but I changed my mind. Your finished!!!" Shouted Mizuki as he spun his last Shuriken getting ready to hit Iruka, while me and Naruto snuck behind the tree our sensei was sitting down against defenceless.

Once Mizuki started running towards Iruka we both moved forwards at tackled Mizuki at the same time.

  We both stood up from our attack while Mizuki started to talk to us.

" Not bad, for little punks." He said to us with hate in his words.

"If you ever, lay a hand on our sensei. We'll kill you." We said at the same time as I felt power racing through my body from the Nine-Tails.

  " Such big words. I can completely destroy you with a single move." Mizuki said in his hateful voice while I suddenly had images of handsigns appear in my mind and I got ready to use the jutsu same as Naruto.

"Take your best shot fool. I'll give it back to you a thousand fold!!" Naruto said by himself this time as I focused my chakra to perform the jutsu that appeared in my head. Eager to know what the jutsu will be.

 "Let's see you try!! Show me what you can do Nine-Tailed Fox!!!" Mizuki shouted towards Naruto.

  "Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!" Naruto and surprisingly me shouted together as puffs of smoke appeared all around us my eyes now closed.

  I open my eyes and look around the forest clearing to see dozens maybe thousands of Naruto's and Luna's surrounding the area.

I open my mouth with shock. 'Did I do this?' I think in awe and realize these clone aren't just illusions they are solid clones.

" If you're not coming then we will come after you!! Right Luna?!!!" I hear the Naruto's shout as I shout out.

"That's right little brother!!!" While we beat up Mizuki.

  After we beat Mizuki senselessly me and Naruto scratch the back of our heads nervously.

"Sorry I guess we kinda got carried away. You ok Iruka sensei?" Naruto and me ask him as he hasn't moved from his sitting position against the tree.

 " Yeah" Iruka replies still out of breath.

"Naruto come here a minute I have something I want to give to you." Iruka says towards Naruto.

(Third Person's POV)

     Back in the Village:

  "Your telling me no one can find Naruto!!!" A chunnin/Jounin(sp?) Asks franticly. "Not a clue." another replies. "This is bad news. We gotta smoke him out or something." Replies another.

Suddenly the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi appears.

 " There's no longer any need to worry." The Hokage states to the frantic Jounin/Chunnin gathered.

"Lord Hokage" several of them shout surprised.

" The Scroll's safe. Naruto and Luna will be back soon."  The Hokage says with a smile on his face.

Back in the Forest:

(Luna's POV):

  "Iruka sensei how much longer?" Naruto complains while I stand next to Iruka sensei with a smile on my face as my brother is now an official ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I now know the whole story about what this whole situation was about.

" Ok you can open your eyes now." Iruka finally announces to an impatient Naruto.

  He opens his eyes to see me standing next to Iruka sensei who doesn't have his forehead protector on anymore for he gave his to Naruto.

It's Now morning.

  "Congradulations! You Graduate." Iruka says smiling while I watch my brother's shocked reaction from the awesome news he has recieved.

"And to celebrate, I have a surprise!. We're going out for Ramen tonight!!" Iruka shouts. 

Once I hear the word Ramen I am surprised more shocked really as I look towards Iruka sensei.

My brother is quiet for once too quiet. I turn my attention back on him to see what's the matter.

 "Iruka sensei!!!" Naruto suddenly shouts as he jumps on not only Iruka but me as well to the ground 

"Ow that hurts!!!" Me and Iruka both shout in pain at the sudden movement.

'You will be one awesome Hokage some day' I think as I enjoy this moment while it lasts.


Author's Note: Hey everyone this was the end of episode one of Naruto. Did you like it? Please vote, comment. 

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