Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


4. Chapter 3: Early morning training and Graduation Exam

(The Next Day)

(Luna's POV):

The sound of my alarm clock sounded through the room as I silenced the stupid thing and got out of bed to get ready.

  I look at the time and its 5:30 "ughh" I groan as I get up out of bed to get ready to go to my morning training session with Sasuke. Yes we train at 5:30 in the morning he doesn't want his precious fangirls watching him train so he set the time for early morning so no one will bother us. 

  Though I think with him having to run away from the other girls in our class is good exercise in itself. I told him that myself and all I got as a response was the famous Uchiha glare/smirk.

   Anyway I made my way towards my closet where my ninja outfits were hung. My outfit consisted of a loose blouse like dress/shirt that had sleeves that reached my elbows. Short shorts that reached my thighs; and fishnet like gloves that went all the way to my elbow, and fishnet leggings that reached my knees and blue ninja sandles.( picture of what the outfit should look like is on the side).

   Once I had my outfit on I put my medium length red hair up in a high ponytail, grabbed my weapon holdster and quietly went out the front door of my apartment trying not to wake my still sleeping brother.

Time Skip- Training Grounds

  After about 15 minutes of walking I finally make it to the designated training grounds. Where there already throwing kunai is Sasuke Uchiha.

  "About time you show up." Sasuke states as I walk towards him and take out a kunai and position myself in my fighting stance while he throws a kunai my way.

  "What the great Uchiha getting impatient?" I ask him while I dodge his attack and throw my kunai as my counter attack.

"Just shut up and fight." Sasuke replies with his signature smirk.

"Very well then. You asked for it!" I shout towards him and our fight continues on.

Time Skip

   After the early morning training with Sasuke I left to go back to my apartment to take a shower and get a clean outfit and get myself ready to take the graduation exam.

At the Academy

  I was in my usual seat in the class which is next to my best friend Hinata Hyuga. Who I noticed kept stealing glances at my brother like she normally does.

  "Hinata just go up and ask him already." I say while elbowing her in the side to get her attention.

  "W-Wh-what are you t-talking about?" she asks me while messing with her fingers, when its clearly obvious she knows who I'm talking about. 

 "I'm talking about you finaling asking my brother out" I whisper to her while her face is a bright red color.

"N-n-no." She answers. I was about to say something else but I noticed that Iruka Sensei was about to speak about something probably about the exam so I stopped myself from speaking at the moment.

  "We will now start the final exam. When your name is called, proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on, the clone jutsu." Iruka sensei announces to the whole class. Once I here the words the "clone jutsu" I am frozen in my spot. I may be good at throwing kunai and shuriken as the next guy but I'm horrible at this one technique just like my brother. This is the jutsu that kept us from graduating every other time. I just hope we can both  pass the exam this year.

"Naruto Uzumaki." shouts the proctor as the previous student walks out of the room with a Leaf headband around there forehead.

"Good luck Naruto!!" I shout towards my brother really hoping that he will pass this year.

" No problem I can pass this no sweat!!" He shouts back as he enters the room and the door closes shut.

'I hope you are right' I think with a slight frown on my face not wanting to have my brother being disappointed once again.

(Third Person POV):

  Once Naruto entered the room he stood in front of a desk that had the Leaf head protectors resting on it. Sitting at the said desk was Iruka sensei and another ninja known as Mizuki sensei who had while spikey hair and had a chunin vest same as Iruka.

"Alright Naruto all you have to do is make 3 clones of your self and you pass." said Iruka sensei as      Naruto nodded his head getting ready.

   Naruto started to consentrait(sp?) his chakra by having his hands in the correct handsign to perform the technique.

   A huge amount of blue chakra started swirling around the boy as the two chunins watched to see the results.

Suddenly a poof of smoke appeared.

  As the smoke cleared Naruto looked to the right to see a very poorly produced clone.

  Iruka was clearly irritated as his eyebrow was twitching and he suddenly shouted "You Fail!!!" to Naruto who was clearly upset.

  "Iruka sensei." the white haired chunin Mizuki started to say which got Iruka's attention.

  "He's off, and his moves weren't bad; and he did hang in there and replicate. This is his third try, so you know he really wants to become a ninja. We could cut him a break, and pass him." Mizuki finishes his statement as Naruto looks happy about the said idea.

  "Mizuki sensei, the other students created at least 3 effective replications. But Naruto could only create one, and look at it, its pitiful. I can't pass him." answered Iruka sensei as Naruto was clearly angry about what Iruka said about the outcome.

After Naruto's turn back in the class room

(Luna's POV):

   I was waiting for my turn after my brother when I hear the door burst open and turn around just in time to see my brother run out of the school building and from what I could see he didn't pass.

'oh Naruto' I thought saidly as Iruka came out and called my name.

"Luna Uzumaki!" Iruka says with his clipboard in hand.

  I stand up from my seat and head towards the room. Did I mention I was the last person to be called on? No. Well I am.

   After I closed the door to the room to take the exam I stand in front of a table where my sensei Iruka and another chunin who I don't know but I don't get a good vibe off of him. And that is my gut feeling.   When my gut tells me something or someone doesn't seem right I normally go with it and I'm trusting it right now.

Anyway back to the exam.

"Ok Luna all you need to do is make three effective clones and you pass." Iruka says to me as I nod my head and bring my hands into the correct handsign and close my eyes in concentration.

  I hear a poof sound and open my eyes. I look to my left and see to my surprise a descent looking clone. The same thing is on my right. I finally look straight ahead of me and see Iruka's smiling face.

 "Congradulations Luna you Graduate!!" Announces Iruka sensei as I have a mega watt smile upon my face.

"You may choose your head band." States the other chunnin next to Iruka.I just nod my head.

  I notice there is only blue ones. I know I like blue but I want to change it up a bit. So I ask 

 "Is there any black headbands?" I ask Iruka who nodds his head and grabs one from under the table and hands it to me.

 "Thanks Iruka sensei." I say as I head out of the academy with my headband still in my hand wondering where I should put it.

  "There you see him." I hear a woman thats close to me say.

  "It's that boy, he's the only one who didn't graduate." says the other woman who was standing next to the one who started the conversation.

  I didn't need to look to know that they were talking about my brother who always sits on the swing whenever he doesn't pass.

"Hey!" I shout at the two women who were talking bad about my brother.

  They both turn there attention towards me.

"You better keep your mouth shut about what you say about my brother. Or you will have to answer to me." I say getting slightly angry just thinking about what other people say about me and my brother. Even though they say stuff about me behind my back it doesn't matter what they say about me, but it does matter to me what they say about my brother.

They look at me with a frightened look. And they both just fast walked away.

Then I looked towards the swing where my brother was and noticed that the chunin that had white hair was standing next to him. My brother looked up they talked some and left.

I have a feeling something bad will happen soon.


  Author's Note: So how did you like this chapter?

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