Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


3. Chapter 2: Cleaning the Hokage Monument

After class:

( Luna's POV):

 (At the Hokage Monument):

" This sucks, loser." Complained Naruto as he stood on a platform to clean the face of the hokage's while I stood on another cleaning the other face of a Hogake. I'm hear because I don't want my brother being alone and because I have nothing else better to do anyway.

"You aren't going home until you clear off every single drop of paint!" Shouted Iruka sensai as he watches us from on top of the monument.

 "So what its not like anyone is waiting at home for us!!" Shouted my brother as he went back to scrubbing the paint while I paused what I was doing after he said that sentence.

I frowned at that thought. 

  I always wonder if our parents ever wanted us, or if they were alive somewhere. These are some reasons why I want to be a ninja. So that I could be strong enough to see if I could find them. Another reason I want to become a ninja is so that I could protect my brother better.

  After that thought I continued to clean the monument with my brother.

" Naruto, Luna?" Iruka sensei says getting our attention.

" What do you want now sensei?" Naruto says with attitude while I hop over towards him and smack him on the head for his behavor.

"Owww!" Is the response I get in return. I hear Iruka chuckle to himself at the scene before him.

" Well, I was just thinking; maybe after you clean this all up, I could take you guys out for some Ramen, you know the good stuff." states Iruka gaining both of our attention for Ramen is both of our favorite foods.

"Now that's some serious motivation!! I'll have this cleaned in no time!! Right Luna?" Naruto shouts then asks me.

"You got that right my dear brother." I answer with a large grin on my face.

(Time Skip- Night Time- At Ichuraku(sp?) Ramen):

(Luna's POV):

  Me and my brother were both stuffing our faces with Ramen I was on my third bowl and I was getting full. My brother on the other hand he was on his fifth bowl.

  "Naruto, why would you do that to the Hokage faces? I mean you know who the Hokage are don't you?" Asked Iruka.

  "Course I do." Naruto started as he finished his bowl of Ramen. "Everyone does. They were the greatest shinobi of their time right? The best of the best, undefeated ninja champs? And the fourth hokage is the one who saved the village from the Nine-Tailed Fox, he was the most amazing." Answered my brother when he mentioned the fox I frowned slightly thinking of how the fox's spirit is locked inside of both of us and my brother has no idea.

  "Then why did you...." Iruka never got to finish his sentence for my brother interrupted him.

  "Because, I'm going to be greater than any of them. Me, Naruto the next Hokage. A ninja legend, then everyone will have to stop disrespecting me, and look up to me. Believe it!!!" Exclaimed my brother as he shouted out his life long dream he has for himself. I smile slightly at how proud he is of his dream.

  "By the way, I want to ask you a favor sensei?" starts my brother with the chopsticks now on the counter laying forgotten.

"You want another bowl?" asked Iruka 

"Mmhm, I want to try on your headband. Come on please!!??" Naruto beggs sensei with his goggles off.

"Uh, Oh this? No way! You can only wear the Leaf Headband when you finaly graduation from the academy and become a ninja. You gotta pass the test tomorrow." Replies Iruka sensei as he adjusts his headband with a smile on his face.

 "That is so Uncool!!" Complains my brother as I laugh along with Iruka sensei at his statement.

"Haha, is that why you took off your goggles?" Iruka asks.

"Eghh I want another bowl!!!" replies my brother making me and sensei laugh once more.

Time Skip

Once we were done at Ichuracku's me and my brother said goodbye to Iruka sensei and headed towards our apartment.

Once inside I told Naruto I was gonna take a shower.

"Hey Naruto I'm gonna take a shower first alright." I ask while looking at my brother putting his weapons away.

  "Whatever." He replies while I just roll my eyes at his answer and just grab him and hold him in an unsuspected  headlock.

 "Gahh Luna!!!!!" Shouts my brother as he struggles to get out of my hold. I may be small but I'm a lot stronger than I look.

I let him go while laughing at him.

He looks at me with a mischievious grin on his face.

"What are you gonna do?" I ask slightly scared of what plan my brother has up his sleeve.

 "Nothing." My brother states while getting even more ramen to eat while I just roll my eyes still suspicious of his plan, and I headed towards the shower that's in my bedroom.

  My bedroom consists of dark blue walls with a queen sized bed that has lime green bed sheets. As you could probably tell my favorite colors are blue and green^_^. My bed is positioned under the only window in my room. The window has a dark forest green curtains.

  After the shower I got into my pj's and got into my bed. Even though it was only like 9:20 at night I want to get up early and train before the test that's tomorrow.

"Night Naruto!!!" I shout towards my brother who is now in his room that's in the apartment and turn off my desk lamp as I get into my bed and put my warm covers over my head.

   "Night Luna!!! Hahmmph!!!" he replies laughing about something that I probably don't want to know about.

  After that thought I closed my eyes and had a dreamless night.


AU: Hello again so how did you like this chapter? The next chapter might take awhile for me to put together unlike these two previous ones. Vote Comment Follow Until next time^_^

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