Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


2. Chapter 1 Enter: Luna Uzumaki

Author's Note: On the bottom of the chapter is how I picture Luna to look like^_^

( Third Person's POV):





B . . . . . . .!!!!!!

A hand slammed down on the alarm clock effectively shutting it off and breaking it in the process. The hand fell back down limply to the side of the bed where a young girl lay slowly waking up from a long night of sleep.

This girl had long straight red hair that went down towards her middle back. Her eyes finally opened to the sunlight shining threw her bedroom window, her eyes were the color of a clear cloudless blue sky. 

The young red haired girl got out of her bed and proceeded to get ready for the approaching day ahead of her.

But today was not just any normal day for her. No not at all. For today she will be getting ready to graduate from the academy to finaly become a ninja for her village.

This girl is..... Luna Uzumaki from the Village Hidden in the Leaves.


Later that Morning 

 (Luna's POV):

  "Come on Naruto you don't want to get yelled at by the Sensei again do you?!!" I shouted/ asked my younger brother as he was still getting ready for school while I was standing at the door of our apartment waiting for him to finish up.

  "I'm ready Luna Believe it!!!!" Naruto shouted to me as he came out of his room in our apartment while I slightly glanced at the clock noticing we only have about 20 minutes to reach the classroom before we are late again.

 " Yeah, well I believe that we would be late if we don't get our butts in gear and head towards the academy before Master Iruka yells at us again." I state calmly while walking out of the door after my brother and locking it and head our way towards class at a fast paste.

15 minutes later 

 'Finally made it on time for once' I think to myself as I look on either side of me to see if Naruto was with me or not.

     No Naruto.

 'sigh' 'Great! What is that knucklehead up to now?' I think to myself as I open the door to the classroom and head to my seat that's next to my best friend Hinata Hyuga.

" G-Good M-M-Morning L-Luna" Hinata stutters a greating to me. I turn to look at her and give her a small smile and say "Morning Hinata".

 "Are you ready for the graduation exam tomorrow?" I ask her while she starts messing with her fingers.

 "Y-yes." She replies shyly as she looks around the classroom probably looking for Naruto. Yes I know she has a major crush on my oblivious little brother. I think it's sweet, they would make the perfect couple.

 "I bet your wanting to be in a team with my brother right Hinata?" I elbow her in the side, while whispering in her ear teasing her a bit about her attraction towards my younger twin brother.

 " L-L-Luna!!" She stutters while blushing with a horrified/shocked look on her face.

  "Hahaha!!! Come on Hinata lighten up I'm only teasing you. I already know you have a thing for Naruto." I laugh while the other kid look at me like im crazy; but i don't care they can think what they want I already know the reason why the other villagers are mean to me and Naruto.

  It's because we both have a part of the Nine-Tailed Fox inside of us. How do I know this well it's because sometimes the Kyuubi talks to me in my head. I haven't told this to Naruto though because I want him to find out for himself. He helps me with my Fire style jutsu's.

I hear a commotion in the front of the classroom.

  I turn my head away from Hinata and look towards the front of the class where I see my brother tied up by Iruka sensai.

 'What did you do this time Naruto?' I ask myself as I hear the Kyuubi chuckle in my head like he already knows what he did. Oh wait he does! He's inside of my brother as well.

  " I'm at the end of my rope Naruto. You failed the graduation exam last time and the time before that. Tomorrow you've got another chance, and your messing up again." Iruka sensai lectures my brother yet again. Sometimes I wonder how can I be related to him. I'm more calm and collected while he is rambunctious and loud. Then again they do say opposites atract maybe that's why we are the only ones who understand one another the most.

 "Hmph!!" My brother just turns his head to the side which only irritates the sensai even more than he already is.

  "Fine! Because you missed it Naruto, everyone will review the transformation jutsu!!" Shouts Iruka while the whole class groans.

A Few Minutes Later

 Everyone is in a straight line in the front of the class while we wait for our names to be called on to perform the jutsu to Iruka sensai.

"Sakura Haruno going, transform!!" announced the pinkette while making the clone handsign. 

 Now the reason I call her pinkette is because she is always wearing pink and me and her are not exactly friends. Because she's jealous of me because i'm friends with her precious Sasuke.

 Yes I know how can I be friends with the stoic Uchiha? Well it's very simple really, we are training buddies!^_^

   Now I know you are all wondering how did I get the Uchiha to train with you? Well I just asked him one day after class if he could help me perfect my fireball jutsu since I knew that fire style is the Uchiha clan's strongest jutsu's and he agreed^_^ 

  Anyway back to what is happening. After Pinkette tried to gain Sasuke's attention which was a failure once again. The said boy's name was announced and he stepped forward. He did the jutsu perfectly and soundlessly without even removing his hands from the pockets of his shorts and went back towards his seat.

   "Up next! Naruto Uzumaki!!" Iruka announced my brother's name who of which was standing in between another one of Sasuke's fangirls which is Ino Yamanaka, and another one of my best friends who is as lazy as can be but is smarter than you would think, Shikamaru Nara; who of which I am standing on the  other side of.

"This is a total waste of time Naruto." Replied my lazy friend to my brother.

"We always have to pay for your screw ups." adds Ino-pig rudely.

"Like I care." Naruto answered back towards the two as he stepped towards Iruka Sensai to perform the jutsu even though its his worst technique.

' Come on Naruto you can do it' I think as I watch my brother consentrate on his flow of chakra.

"Transform!" He shouts. As a result to the technique there was a girl version of Naruto with long hair like mine but put up in pigtails.

'What the heck Naruto!!!!!!!! Just wait until we get home' I think to myself while making my hands into fists at my sides trying to keep the anger I have hidden until we are back home.

"Gahaha!!!! Got You!!! That was my sexy jutsu!!!" My very idiotic brother points out to our sensei.

"Enought with the stupid tricks!!! This is your Last Warning!!!!" Shouts Iruka as he calls my name next.

"Luna Uzumaki" hearing my name I step up and focus my chakra to a certain point.

As a result. A clone that is not fully functional.( AN: Picture the clone Naruto did with the way it looks but her clone is standing up).

I just sigh to myself.

Did I forget to mention that I'm horrible at the Clone Jutsu as well?


AU: Heyy everyone I thought I would try and make a Naruto story how am i doing so far please comment it would mean a lot^_^ Hope you Enjoy.


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