Falling in love with rockstar boy


2. Michael's POV

Ashton just spilt pasta all over the waitress and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh lordy lordy" I hear Calum say.

"Shut up" Luke says. Calum snaps his fingers sassily. Me and Calum are laughing together when we see the girl on the ground.

"Ashton what did you do?!" Luke freaks out. I look at her name tag and it says "Kate"

"Stop looking at her boobs!" Calum says.

"I wasn't! I was looking at her name tag!" I say.

"Mm-hmm, sure you were" Calum says, crossing his arms. I slap Calum and he slaps me back.

"We have to take her to a hospital" Ash says.

"Say no more" Luke says and picks her up, bridal style. As he walks out, her head hits the door frame.

"Careful!" Ashton yells.

"Calm down, you're scaring me" Luke says and puts her in the car. We all squeeze in the car.

alum hit me!" I yell.

"He started it!" Calum says.

"I don't care who started it, I'll finish it" Ashton says. We shut up because we remember the last time Ashton had to finish something. A shiver runs down my spine. Kate's sitting in between Calum and me. Calum screams.

"AHH! SHE MOVED!" he yells.

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