Falling in love with rockstar boy


4. Luke's POV

"What's taking her so long?" I ask.

"She's a girl, give her some time" Ashton says. Calum walks out of the gas station with an arm full of candy and a lolli pop in his mouth. The lolli pop falls out of his mouth. "The guy who is working here said she went out the back door" Calum says. Michael takes some candy and Calum tries to bite him. Ashton shrugs and gets back in the car. As we drive I see her.

"There she is!" I yell. Calum puts his head beside mine so he can see what I'm looking at. We drive towards her but it's to late. She's already going inside of a house.

"Luke, isn't that your house right beside her house?" Michael asks. I nod.

"I think it just might be" I say.

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