Falling in love with rockstar boy


1. Kate's POV

~~"What can I get you?" I ask these four guys. "A large pepperoni and a large plate of pasta" the on with spikey blonde hair says. (Fetus days so yeah)

"Thank you" she one with curly hair says. I smile and walk away. A while later I come back with their food. Curly hair thinks I'm having trouble so he gets up to help me. As he gets up his arm hits his drink and it spills.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, her let me help you" he says.

"No it's fine" I tell him and bend down to clean up the spilt drink.

"No I insist" he says and grabs the pasta from me. He slips over the spilt drink and drops the pasta on me.

"Oh lordy lordy" the Asian one says.

"I am so sorry! It's my fault, let me help you up" he says, sticking out his hand. I shake my head and say "No it's fine" I get up and slip on the drink that I unsuccessfully cleaned up. When I slip I hit my head and everything goes black.

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