Falling in love with rockstar boy


8. Calum's POV

We walk inside of a ballet studio.

"Ow, you stepped on my damn foot!" I yell.

"Don't swear!" ash says.

"I'll fucking swear if I want to" I say.

"There are little girls here!" Ash says.

"Be quiet, you're scaring me!" Luke says. We squeeze through the door and I fall.

"HAHA CALUM FELL ON HIS FACE"  Michae says laughing. I slap him. "Stop it, you're scaring Luke" Ash says. All of the little girls looks at 4 big idiots causing a bunch of commotion. Ashton's little sister looks at us and grins. The ballet teacher leads them behind the curtain. I see the girl from lunch, Kate's fiend, walk in. She sits beside me.

She notices me and says "Hey, you're that stalker guy from lunch"

That'd be me, but I have a name"

"Yeah but I don't know it" I say."Oh, I'm Calum" I say. The boys introduce them selves.

"Shut up" Ash says.

"I'm Carter" by the way. The curtains open and the girls start dancing.

"WOO GO LAUREN!" We all yell.

"Come on Liz, you can do it!" Carter and her family yell. The 4-6 girls do a cute little routine. I don't say this out loud because that would ruin my punk rock image so grrr, monster trucks and football, grrr

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