Falling in love with rockstar boy


5. Ashton's POV

After I drop all the boys off to their houses, I finally go home. I'm greeted by my little 4 year old sister, Lauren. (It's not an accurate age but who cares)

"Ashtonnnn!" she yells and runs towards me.

"Hey there" I say chuckling. I pick her up and hug her.

"I made something for you" she says.

"And what might that be?" I ask. She wiggles around in my arms, trying to get down. I set her down and she runs off. A moment later she comes back and hands me a drawing. It's a painting of me, her and our dog.

"Aw, you shouldn't have" I say and kiss her head.

"Ashton, your dinner is getting cold"  I hear my mum yell. I walk into the kitchen and eat the dinner that has been prepared for me.

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