Ashley, a 18 year old girl, gets kidnapped by One Direction and is used as a sex toy to them. But when Zayn starts falling in love with Ashley, will everything change? Read to find out. (Contains detailed sexual content)


1. The Past

I never knew why my parents didn’t want me. It never made sense. I was just a one night stand mistake. Why didn’t she get an abortion? It’s because she was one 19. My father was also only 21. I know, very young for parents. They had been on illegal drugs and alcohol. They hated me from the moment I was born. I didn’t know why they were such cruel people. They would hit me, slap me, burn me, and starve me. It wasn’t as much pain as it was emotions. I was 5 when the cops arrested them and I was put in custody of my grandmother. She was the only one who ever loved me. When I was 13, I got a belly piercing. My hair was a beautiful blue, but the weird thing was, I never dyed it. I was born with it. At age 15, my grandma died. It was horrible because now there was no one in the world who loved me. It was hard to go through life knowing that. I was put in an orphanage. Every day I spent, hoping someone would love me and take me to be theirs. People think I’m a bad person, but I’m not. Just because I look different they think I’m going to be bad. I want to be different and make a change. I just don’t understand life…. 3 years later It was a warm summer day. I share a room with two other girls who are a few years younger than me. The room is small so each gets only enough space for our bed. We have required things we have to wear. Just a plain grey t shirt and black pants for boys. We girls have to wear black dresses that go at least down to our knees. I get look at our clock that hangs above the door. 7:23 it reads. ‘Holy crap! Only 8 minutes to get ready!’ I quickly strip, hop in the shower, and wash my hair and body. Every morning we must take a shower, get dressed in our clothes, and be downstairs in the dining hall at 7:30. If we are late we get beaten and are put on kitchen duty. Trust me; it’s worse than it sounds. Bye the time I get dressed its 7:28. I quickly rush downstairs to the dining hall and take my place at the table. In my spot there is a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, that’s what they get. You also get a day off, but today are better than a day off. If we are not adopted by the time we turn 18, the government will pay for an apartment for you until you get enough money to pay for it by yourself. After breakfast is done, I go upstairs and pack my things. The police would be here soon.  
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