Hey everyone! I'm just going to do a Q/A book do you can know me betts! "You ask I answer c:" comment down below the question(s) and the day you asked it. Here is an example of you don't get me!
Example: "what's your fave color?-9/28/14

Ok thats all about it for now!
Bye everyone!


9. 2 Q/A and A/N (3/20/15)

Cry Baby

What do you think of me just by reading my bio? Give your HONEST opinion, please.


Favorite song off of four?

You seem like a very fun person to hang out with. Your bio made my day! 😋😂

My fave song off of Four is... Um...

Idk tbh 😂, I love all their songs off of four but I think my two favorite are Night Changes and Steal My Girl 👌


These questions are from MONTHS ago and I feel bad I didn't answer them right away. I've been really busy lately with editing photos and writing fanfics. And also taking care of my baby sis. But i'm really sorry I haven't been on lately. I'll try getting on daily and try posting a fanfic. Ill also finish all the other "200 facts" books.

Bye everyone! ❤️

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