And This Is My Story

Hi i'm jamie i'm not your average teen i'm not normal i'm freaking ab normal i'm not like these other girls so i'm sorry for looking the way i look.


1. This Is Me

Hi my name is Jamie, 

I'm not your average teenager. i'm weird and fat i haven't really been bullied before but you know life goes on and shit happens right. Well it happened to me. I was at school when my dad came to collect me he had told me he had gotten a job in Australia, I was shocked i thought it'd be normal but no. We left as soon as i had heard the news i didn't even say goodbye to my primary friends i'd missed them but i added them on Facebook it was all good.


After transferring to Australia I moved into this really nice neighbour hood, everyone was happy and full of sunshine which  enjoyed. I was next door neighbours with these 3 boys, Jai,Beau & Luke two of them are twins. They'd always have there 2 other friends around James & Daniel and made silly youtube videos. I'd always see them making it and vomiting which made me sick everytime i'd look over.


When i settled in Gina Brooks my next door neighbour she was just the best, she was the brooks brothers mother she is just full of life and she's amazing. My parent showed me to my new primary school eyy i started off from year 4 and onwards the brooks brothers were older than me but i didn't care because they were really nice and we got close. 

*5 years passed*

i'm 15 and still fat. I started off  high school now James,Daniel,Luke,Beau & Jai all went to the same college. There college was connected with the school and we'd hang out a lot at lunch. People would get jealous, i mean who could blame them i'm hanging out with 5 hot guys. So in high school i was nice to everyone because thats just what i do i'm generally nice to people.


Even if i was nice to them they'd still find a way to put me down. I was in my languages classes with one of my friends amy and we sat in front of two guys who were meh i'd never talk to them outside of lessons but we would say hi to each other thats it.My clever friend Amy decides to show them a picture of my sister who's far more skinnier and prettier than me. They were shocked for there lives i was feeling really insecure so i just looked away and talked to Amy "What are you doing?" i whispered to her "What i'm showing them how hot your families genes are" i was confused "Are you kidding me right now, i'm ugly as fudge just don't do that again"

she shrugged her shoulder.


I was in english class the guy in my languages class that sat opposite me was init but he sat far back with some boys urgh. I'd just be laughing away when i hear "You know Fat Jamie's sister she's so hot" i'd broken down into a millions of pieces and thats how it all started from that sentence those words just played in my head on and on.

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