And This Is My Story

Hi i'm jamie i'm not your average teen i'm not normal i'm freaking ab normal i'm not like these other girls so i'm sorry for looking the way i look.


2. Thank You For Being You.

When i'd heard that i literally just didn't know what to do there was no point in getting mad at Amy she was just being her dopey self.

I went home and i was talking to Beau

Beau: "Hey Jamie Hows school ?"

Jamie: "Oh you know its fine" I sniffle

Beau: "Are you okay? do you want to talk about it"

Jamie: "Yes please"

We both sat down, my tear drops hitting the ground multiple times my tshirt all wet cuz of the pools of tears i was crying, Beau comforted me and told me it was all going to be fine he kissed my forehead.

*All the boys arrived*

My head on Beau shoulder 

Jamie: "You know beau i didn't know that one person can make someone feel the way i'm feeling right now you know, like i cannot describe it"

Beau: as he held my hand "Baby girl its going to be fine, you're not at all fat, you're so beautiful and i love the way you are right now" 


i gazed into his green eyes and then they all arrived there company made me feel so much better about myself there dirty jokes there smiles there everything i was watching the way they all laugh its adorable and i'm the luckiest person every

Daniel: "So guys what were you talking about ?" daniel smiled

Beau: "Oh nothing just stuff you know."

Jai: "Come on man it can't just be "stuff" you've got her head on your shoulder" 

we immediately got up similing at each other 

James: "Oh i see that something something going on there eyy" as he imitaates fireworks 

me and Beau giggle "Hahahahah" 

Luke: comes in from the back and decides to jump on our backs "So what did i miss y'all" he says in a country accent 


James,Beau,Daniel,Jai&me : "Nothing" in a unison

they all laugh and push each other over and i can't help but absolutely adore and love every minute of this

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