And This Is My Story

Hi i'm jamie i'm not your average teen i'm not normal i'm freaking ab normal i'm not like these other girls so i'm sorry for looking the way i look.


5. I Think Happy Endings Do Exist.

So me and Beau officially start to date the way he asked me out was super cute. 

it was pouring rain, and Beau had asked me to come out to meet him  i was quite suspicious you know, randomly asking me to come out in the rain, but i went anyways. I'd put my hoodie on and left my house and met him outside our houses.

Jamie: "Beau ahhh why did you call me here sweetie?" as the rain pours down my face. 

Beau:"Well i thought this would be better than talking to you online and asking you, so i'm here asking you face to face"

He looks down to the ground. He takes his jacket off and puts it ontop of us to so we are in his jacket and he starts talking. 

Jamie: "huwwyy Beau its getting cold" as my hands and his hands are on top of each other trying to keep warm. 

Beau: "Well look up at the window" He looks and points to the window

Its the boys holding up a sign which says "Will you go out with me Jamie? will you be my princess?" 

as i was distracted looking at the sign, Daniel arrives with flowers gives them to beau to give to me they were my favourite daisies, the smell was heavenly. 

Beau: "So yes or no will you be my princess" 

I was in complete shock and i shouted 


i would jump into his arms but you know i'm fat i'd probably break him you know so i just hugged him tight he took the jacket of off us and we kissed each other, he was my very first kiss and my very first boyfriend. It was all perfect the rain the sign the flowers him we kissed in the rain everything was beautiful. It was a fairy tale ending but i'm just a lot bigger than a normal princess.

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