Voice of an Angel

Sarah started a new school...... would she make friends.....would she meet a boy.....who knows one thing she knows is that she really nervous about starting her new life.


1. Chapter one

Fuck moving school, fuck moving to another country and just fuck it all in general!


Seriously like the US wasn’t as bad as it seemed but my mother wanted to move so I had to do as she asked as I had one year left at high school, which is another thing….. I had to start a new fucking school!

“HONEY ARE YOU UP AND DRESSED? BREAKFAST WILL BE ON THE TABLE IN LITERALLY TWO SECONDS!!” I groaned and rolled Outta bed and pulled on my outfit for the day consisted of…

so basially i threw this outfit on. 

I rushed downstairs and grabbed my bag and grabbed the bagel my Mom left on the table for me and grabbed a banana as I rushed to the front door. I was running late. Yeah like fucking normal. “HAVE A GOOD DAY HONEY!!” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah have a good day too Mom.” I smiled and quickly left the house with a mouthful of food.


Great just another day of weird stare, weird looks and getting asked to stand at the front of the class to present yourself to. But one thing I knew I wasn’t going to do was back down to protect myself, people say shit to me or about me im going for them, people need to watch out.

I looked down at my cell phone and saw the first buzzer for form was about to go off I started sprinting down the road toward my new school and rushed into the reception just as the buzzer went. “hello Honey, how can I help you?” I smiled at the brunette woman sitting there and shifted my bag on my shoulder; “Hello, im Sarah Grider I’ve just moved from the States, I got told to that someone will be meeting me here to show me to class and everything and to get my schedule.” I smiled and she nodded with an amused chuckled; “Yeah, here’s your schedule and the person who is showing you around is just coming.” I smiled and turned around and was faced by a girl a little taller than me but not so much and had shoulder length brown wavy hair and was nearly dressed the same as me but just with a ‘Nirvana’ shirt on. I smiled and she laughed at me; “Hey I’m Louie, well Louise but yeah everyone calls me Louie or Tags.” I smiled and shook her hand; “Sarah.” She grinned and looked at my schedule. “Sweet we have nearly the same classes but for a few of them like music, English and maybe biology you’ll have a few friends of mine but we’ll get to them in a few minutes, first I need to show you to our form room. It’s …..loud and crazy but it’s pretty amazing!” she laughed and lead the way. 


“Hey Mrs K? I’ve got Sarah here.” She spoke to the teacher and lead me in the room. “Right guys settle down. BOYS!” she shouted at a group of four boys and they all laughed and grinned at her as she rolled her eyes with nearly a fond smile; “This is Sarah and she has recently changed schools and country for that matter, she’s from the states and Louie is gonna be looking after her until she’s settled so don’t scare her away and just don’t….. Boys seriously!” I giggled along with the rest of the class at the 4 idiots in the back and Louie grinned at me. “We’re not a bad bunch but those four are a nightmare,” she grinned and I nodded; “I’m Mrs Keiton I’ll be your form tutor for the next year if you need me or just need to talk about school home anything im here to help you, just come find me and you’ll be okay here.” I smiled and she pointed to Louie who sitting with the four idiots at the back, “go take a seat with Louie.” I nodded and walked over to her and pulled up the seat. “Boys, this is Louie…… Calum. No.” I giggled as they all laughed and started annoying the poor boy. 



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