English Love Affair


1. First Night In England


Just got off the plane and headed to the baggage area. I'm in London, England y'all! Can't wait to spend 3 weeks here with my best friend! I adjust my flannel shirt (outfit above) and grab my suitcase. I hear someone yell "Bear" and I look in that direction to see my best friend Tags. Her real name is Sarah but since that's both of our names we go by different nicknames so its not confusing. I run over to her, rolling my suitcase behind me. When I reach her, I drop my suitcase and carry-on bag then I embrace her in a tight hug. She's taller than me but not by much.

"Tags! I've missed you!" I exclaim as I continue to hug her. She laughs and lets go of me.

"I've missed you too Bear," She says then we lock arms and walk out of the airport. With my bags of course! We drive to her place and she shows me to the guest room, where I will sleep.

"We should go to a club tonight!" Tags exclaims. I'm hesitant but eventually I agree.



*A Few Hours Later*


Tags and I got to the club and started dancing straight away. After a few songs we went to the bar and she ordered us drinks. I let her pick my drink since I've never drank alcohol before since 21 is the drinking age in the states. I actually follow the law unlike most people I know...

"Here you go," Tags says as she hands me my drink. It had a tiny umbrella in it.

"What is it?" I ask her.

"Don't worry its a sweet drink. You'll like it," She tells me. I shrug my shoulders and take a sip of the drink in my hand. It really is sweet and tastes really good. I ended up having like 5 of those drinks so I'm pretty wasted now. Its a new experience for me. Tags had like 7 or 8 of whatever she was drinking so she is for sure shitfaced right now. We're on the dance floor, dancing pretty sexually I might add. Suddenly I feel someone grinding on me from behind. Normally I'd push them off but right now I was enjoying it. I grind back on the person, making them moan in my ear. It was a deep moan too. The person moves my hair to one side and attaches their lips to my neck. I moan when the reach my sweet spot. They suck on that spot, no doubt leaving a hickey there. When they're done, they kiss that now red spot on my neck. I turn my body around to face the person. My blurry version makes out a tall guy with blonde hair. He grabs my face in his hands and connects our lips. I moan into his mouth and let my hands get tangled in his hair. His hands move to my waist as he wraps them around me and slightly picking me up to better reach me. Being short has its disadvantages and this is one of them. The guy is super tall compared to me. The coldness of the guy's lip ring sends shivers through my body.

"Lets go somewhere," He whispers against my lips. I nod my head. He grabs a hold of my hand and leads me towards the door. We stumble into a taxi cab and he tells the driver where to go. Next thing I know we're at a house and stumbling inside of it. The rest of the night was a big blur...

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