English Love Affair


3. Breakfast With The Boys

Still Sarah's POV



Luke and I walk into the restaurant in the hotel. I immediately spot Tags sitting at a booth with Ashton, the drummer of 5sos. When they look my way, I wave at Tags and she waves back. Luke and I make our way over to Tags and Ashton.

"Hey Ash! Who the girl?" Luke asks his bandmate as he sits down next to him. I sit next Tags and she smiles at me. I smile back at her.

"Her name is Sarah but she said she goes by Tags," Ashton told Luke. Luke nods and smiles at my best friend.

"The name's Luke," He says while giving her a little wave. Tags smiles at him.

"I know. You're Luke Hemmings. You sing and play guitar in 5sos. I'm big fan of the band," She says. Luke smiles even more. Ashton points at me.

"And Luke whose your friend?" He asks Luke. Luke looks over at me and I swear his eyes gleam.

"This is Sarah and she is also a big fan of our band," He tells Ashton, who nods his head.

"Cool," Ashton says. I smile at him then I rest my head on Tags' shoulder. She puts her arm around me and pets my hair. The boys look at us confused.

"You two know each other?" Ashton asks. Tags and I both nod our heads.

"Tags and I are best friends," I tell the confused boys.

"But how? I mean Sarah you're American and she's British," Luke says still confused. Tags and I laugh at their cuteness.

"Bear and I met on Facebook several months ago and bonded over you guys. We clicked instantly and have been best friends ever since," Tags explains to them. They both have their mouths open in the shape of 'o' which makes me giggle. Something flashes in Luke's eyes when I giggle.

"Luke! Ashton!" Voices shout from the entrance of the restaurant. We all turn our heads (my head in no longer on Tags' shoulder) to see the other two members of 5sos walking toward us. When they reach us, they look shocked to see Tags and I with Luke and Ashton.

"Boys this is Sarah and Tags. Ladies I believe you know these two idiots," Luke says introducing the other two members to us and vise versa.

"Aren't these the same two girls you boys were dancing with and left with last night?" Calum asks Luke and Ashton. They both nod their heads.

"Wow the girls Cal and I were with left this morning before we woke up," Michael says. Tags and I blush.

"I'm a late sleeper," I say quietly. Michael laughs at what I said.

"Me too," He says then he sits down beside me which makes me and Tags have to scoot closer to the inside. Calum sits next to Luke which makes him and Ashton have to scoot closer to the inside like Tags and I did.

"You girls should hang out with us today," Calum suggests to Tags and I. We raise our eyebrows.

"Really? We don't want to intrude," I say. Luke reaches across the booth to grab my hand.

"Really. You are fun to hang out with," He says with a genuine smile on his face. I smile back at him, getting lost in his bright blue eyes. Tags elbows me and brings me back to reality.

"Okay," I say still smiling. Luke's smile widens (if that's even possible) and lets go of my hand, leaning back in his seat.

"Great!" Ashton says smiling. Tags giggles and Ashton winks at her.

"Let's eat first though," Luke says. We all laugh at him then we call the waiter over so we can order our breakfast.

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