Triplet's in love.

What if you were arranged to marry some one? What if you were dating his older triplet and in love with his younger one? Harper Mossen is the girl going through that. She is the most popular girl in Swans Point High School. In all of Swans Point actually. The Styles Triplets moved here last year. Marcel, Harry and Edward. Innocent Marcel won her heart instantly, but she knew if she went after him her life would go straight down the drain, so she settled with Edward, the bad boy. She doesn't understand why, but she has always hated Harry, and that was an understatement! Her life gets tipped on it's head when she finds out the real reason 'The Styles' moved here.

What will happen? What will she do? Will her secret love come out? Will she find new love? Will she discover their secret? Will her feelings change towards them?

No one knows.

( Louis is a female in this story )


1. Chapter 1

" Harper." My mum cooed in my ear, while stroking my messy hair. I smiled as I opened my eyes and looked into her copper coloured ones, shining in the light sneaking in through the crack in my curtains, the crinkles by her eyes making her face complete with her perfect smile. " Time for the first day back to school pumpkin." She address me and I smile wider before removing my blanket. She stands from the chair beside my bed and places it back under my desk. I place my feet on the fluffy rug I placed under my side of the bed, and wriggle my toes. I fix my covers and pad over to my closet. I pick out a floral dress that bunches up between the boobs and lifts and fits my boobs perfectly, and hangs down to cover three quarters of my thighs, a light jean jacket that ties up at the bottom in the front, with the sleeves rolled up to around my elbows and two pockets wear my boobs would be if it was done up. Along with some 6 inch platformy, peach wedges with a cork base from my wardrobe before I went to my desk to accessorize. I chose some black feather, hanging earrings with a gold hook and a long necklace with a golden heart. I walk in to my bathroom and get changed before I brush my teeth. I place my toothbrush back in the glass pot and open my make up drawer and apply some light concealer under my eyes and a bold smokey eye and some deep purple lipstick. I love how most make up can suit me, my ebony hair with ivory highlights dyed through it. My hair is naturally ebony so I have done minimal damage. My green eyes pop with the smokey eye. I walk out of the bathroom on the my varnished, dark oak floors, making a light thumping sound from my wedges. I walk over to my white, marble top desk and grab my bag from beneath it. I pack my bag full of my pencils and pens, along with my homework from last night. I put my contacts in quickly before running down the stairs whilst shoving the straps of my bag over my shoulders. Once I reach the bottom, I walk into the kitchen and pour myself some cereal for breakfast and eat quickly before I give mum a quick kiss on the cheek and walk out the front door to my black Lamborghini Murcielago and back out of my drive way and drive off to the school. 

Once I park my car, I let my door pop up and I pull it back down once I have straightened out my outfit and walk away and click the button to lock the car and meet up with my friends at the front door and my boyfriend Edward Styles, I give Ed a kiss and we walk off to class together, allot of people think he popped my cherry but I am still a virgin and want to stay that way, and he respects that. He quickly walk off to my locker to grab my books.

Once we arrive at Health class, I take my seat as he leaves after blowing me a kiss with a smirk and I smile at him, that is, until his idiotic, stupid, asshole of a brother sits next to me
     " Harold." I say bluntly as he plonks on to the chair. " Harper." He replies in the same tone and we both look up at the board to avoid our eyes connecting for any longer than they just have, my eyes already burning from his evil orbs. The teacher walks in straight as we see turn our heads.
     " Students! Welcome back! Today is just going to be getting ready for classes and all that type of stuff!" Mr. Carnlot announces enthusiastically. 'Hell yeah' s and 'Epic' s break free, echoing through out the classroom
     "We will be having an assignment given out next week, and homework from spring break will need to be given back by the end of the day." He announces a bit less enthusiastically. Everyone quietens but not completely shuts up.
     " So bitch, hows it feel, being my health partner for the whole year?" Bastard face asks and turns to me. I stop using my peripheral vision and turn to him "Oh it's absolutely perfect Harold, how about you?" I reply with my question, sounding all innocent, and smiling like a happy five year-old. "Oh, I love it." He smirks, and I suddenly feel a hand on my leg, as I see his smirk widen. I smile back and remove his hand and cross my legs. I turn back to the front to look at the wall clock to see we still have over an hour left. I shoot my hand up to get sir's attention.
    " Yes, Harper!" Mr Carnton says with his enthusiasm back in his voice. " Since we aren't really doing much today, could we watch a movie or move and talk to out friends?" I question to see his face brighten " Excellent idea Harper, what movie would you like?" He asks. " Mean girls?" I ask to the class and all the girls say yes and most boys say yes along with something about how hot the girls in the movie look. "Mean Girls it is!" He announces and we all cheer except a few boys, including Bastard face. " Of course you'd pick that." Harold whispers in my ear. I turn around, and glare at him.

Once class gets out I stand up and place my bag on my back and walk out looking for Ed. Once I spot him and our friends. I walk up to them, and Ed's hand instantly slithers around my waist. I smile at his action.
     " Ugh, lovebirds." I hear Louise announce. Louise Tomlinson, my best friend. She is always like this, she is a lone wolf and gets disgusted by the slightest bit of romance or love. She will have a one night stand any day over a relationship. She is the party addict who gets drunk any chance she gets, did i mention, she's bisexual? She has fucked both, boys, and girls. 
    " Oh shut up Lou, you have one night stands, I have a relationship." I rebutted in a sassy tone. and she just looked at me with her eyebrows raised, she just looked away as if to say 'whatever'. She started talking to Zayn, but it looked more like flirting, when will she learn. Lou has long wavy hair to the small in her back and ocean blue eyes, she loves soccer so she is classified as a jock. She is the captain of the girl's team, so she is the most popular of the girl jocks. Lou has four little sisters too, they are all really girly though. Nothing like her.

" Babe?" I hear whispered in my ear along with the feel of warm breath. I knew it was Ed, his voice and his touch is just so familiar and exciting, it's to hard to forget.
     " Yes Hun?" I say as I avert my attention to him and turn my head to face him. A faint smile falls on my lips when the gleam in his eyes brightens with affection, it grows as it reminds me of Marcel when he is of in his own world while reading a book. Marcel is the third triplet, youngest actually, Ed's little brother, Harold's too. Ed is the oldest.
     " I'm gonna go see Haz and Marce, I gotta go talk to them. Kay?" He says with withdrawal in his voice. I pursed my lips and nod lightly as he lets go of my waist. I look towards my friends and we just chat until lunch is over. I walk to my next class, Maths. I sit in a random seat since we don't have a seating plan in math. Everyone scatters in, and oddly, Marcel was late, the only seat left was next to me. I wanted to swoon and blush but I just sat there staring at the board. Ed told me to be nice to Marcel because they are brothers. Once he plonked down next to me he instantly got his stuff out; books, pen, pencils, erasers. 
    " H-Hi." He adorably stutters out, " Hi Marcel" I reply with a genuine smile. "How is your day? Doing anything today?" I ask to start conversation waiting for the late teacher.
    " G-Good, I- I um, I." He stutters out as if he is choking on water, but he obviously wasn't.

The teacher walks in, it's a substitute. " Um, Excuse me? Where's Mrs. Walters?" Some snobby slut asked bitchily. The teacher didn't reply, he just simply wrote his name on the board and started the lesson. 'Mr. Crafton'.


The final bell ended and I was relieved to be going home. I say good bye to my friends and give Ed a kiss, he seems to linger as if he was eating a meal he'd never taste again. He pulled away and I hugged him before I clicked the button on the clicker to unlock my car. I opened the door to my car and drove home. I pulled in my driveway and parked my car in the garage. I get out of my car and lock it before walking inside. I walk upstairs and get changed into some dark jeans and a blue Flannelette shirt with some cute black pumps. I roll the arms up a couple times and go to the bathroom to take my contacts out. I pull my glasses on and sit at my desk, starting up my laptop.
    " Harper." My mother yells out as she walks up the stair. " Yes mum?" I ask as she enters my room. " We are going out for a while to pick a few colleagues up, they will be coming for dinner.Please be ready by seven, what you are wearing is fine, but please put your contacts back in for the guests." She announces and I just nod to show my understanding of her little request. I stand up and walk to the bathroom and put a fresh pair of contacts in and hide my glasses in my bedside drawers. I walk back over to my desk and start checking my social media. By the time I am finished it is 6:50. I stand up and walk down the stairs and into the kitchen on my phone. I put my hair up in a messy pony tail in the reflection of the oven's glass door. I pull part of my side fringe out, to frame my face. I don't get why Americans call fringes 'Bangs'.

I hear the door unlock and I just wait for the sound of footstep to echo through the silent house. I walk out into the entrance hall to see Ed, Harold and Marcel. I run up to Ed and jump in to a hug with my knees bent up so i'm not touching the floor. He hugs me back tightly. " Heey Babe." I say as I peck his cheek. I hear my mother and Anne gasp. I gather Ed didn't tell his mum either. Once the initial shock wore off of our mothers, they started leading us to the lounge room as i death stare Harold. I trip him as we walk through the giant open space to the couches. He stumbles but catches his balance. I sit in my special chair, mine, no one else is aloud to sit in it. You can tell the difference between them all easily, Ed has a lip piercing, Harold has Tattoos, and Marcel's an adorable stereotypical nerd.

" Okay. Honey, i'm afraid I've been keeping something from you.The boys already know." She says slowly I just look at them all and raise my eyebrows to signal I am ready to hear what is to be said. " You and Harry, are getting married." She said in a partially excited voice, partially worried. My jaw becomes slack and my breath leaves my body. I stand up shocked. I look at the guy I have hated for 3 years, ever since I met the bastard. "THAT BASTARD!?" I yell as I look at him. I can see the sadness in his frown and he brings his knees to his chest as if using them to shield himself against my words, but I could tell it didn't work. His sadness turns to anger as he stands up to face me and yells back. "You think i wanna marry you, bitch?!" He angrily breathes. I just storm out of the room up to mine. I am followed but I don't bother checking who. "I'm not coming out of my room until morning." I yell out and storm into my room leaving the door open. I storm into my bathroom and slam the door as hard as I could. I remove my contacts and look in the mirror. You could see how angered and stressed I was. My eyebrows and eyes giving it away along with my pursed lips. I storm out to my bed and pull my drawer open roughly, nearly pulling it out or it's pocket in the wooden frame. I pull out my glasses and put them on before sitting at my desk and open my notes and type furiously, letting my fingers get carried away. I bring my knees to my chest. My life was perfect one minute, then the Styles moved to town. Why can't I be fucking normal?

" Harper?" I hear in a squeaky high pitched voice that I recognize way to much. I blush and that prevents me from turning around. " Hmm" I reply to him. I shove my head in my knees to hide my face in case he sees my beet red face. " Are you okay?" He questions as he places his hand on my back, I feel the electricity shoot through my body for what seems like minutes but it was really only seconds. I shiver and feel goosebumps rise on my skin. I sit up immediately, and regret it seconds later. He steps back a couple steps in surprise. " Wait? You wear glasses?" He asked, shocked expression on his face. I just start hiccuping and put my head back in my knees "No, Harper. Don't feel bad." He said as he rubbed my back. I look up again. "You are the only person not in my family that knows other than Lou." I sniffle with a smile, he smiles with me and I just get lost in his eyes, they aren't like Ed's or Harold's, Marcel's are just, just perfectly unique. " Can I tell you a secret Marcel?" I ask, not taking my eyes off of his, him not removing his from mine either. He nods and I just blush. "Ever since you moved here, I have had the biggest crush on you, I stopped everyone from picking on you and I have been in love with you for about a year, but that sadly means nothing now that I am in an arranged marriage with Harold, but all I wanted to say was. I love you Marcel." I say as a tear slips from the outer corner of my eyes, and now it was his turn to blush. He kisses my square on the lips and I happily accept it. I kiss back until he pulls back, and we both breathe heavily. "So you feel it too." he simply says and I nod slightly. The fireworks in that kiss were bigger than all the touches we have had put together. "I love you too." he says before leaving the room and I sit in a comfortable silence. I start jumping around and silently screaming as though I were whispering. I jumped on my bed and shoved my glasses on my bedside table. I just fall asleep into a dreamless sleep, the smile never leaving my lips.

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