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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Luke and Ashton have a thing going on between them.... basically theyre fucking without Calum and Michael knowing and they aka Lashton want a threesome with Cadie... the boys' bff <3


1. Chapter 1 full story

"Hey Luke where's Cadie gone?" i heard Ashton speak and i walked into the room and smiled; "im here why whats up?" he smirked and i looked at Luke who had the same look on his face. "i... we have a little..... deal-" Luke cut Ashton off; "its not a Deal Ash." they both smirked at each other and their eyes darkened; "actually... you have no way outta the first part the second part is... well we'll get to that part." i nodded and have to admit i was slightly scared. "Go get showered and get a dress on and look hot because im taking you out for dinner and then dropping you off to where Ash has something planned and then we'll get to the second part after that." i nodded and they both smiled at each other. "okay... anything i need to wear specifically?" they looked at each other again and Ashton spoke up; "that red dress you have. wear that." i gave them a small but scared smile and walked off down the hall and got in the shower.

what the fuck has gotten into those boys?

okay so here i am. the red dress Ash was on about was my skin tight red strapless dress that cut halfway down my thigh meaning i had to put my best strapless bra and a no vpl panties on. black heels and my hair uh dont get me started i tried to curl it best i could but just ended up in a messy bun on top if my head with random bit flying around. make up was near perfect black flick eyeliner with a i dont know it was a muted red colour lipstick. i huffed feeling uncomfortable and already hot and annoyed and made my way back to where Ashton and Like were both sitting in the lounge i grabbed my clutch bag and stood there; "Luke you ready?" they both snapped their heads to me and their eyes popped outta their heads; "Daymmmmn Cade didnt know you would be looking this...... sexy." Ash smirked out and Luke stood up smiling at me: "that dress would look so much better on the floor." i felt a red heat hit my cheeks and the boys shared a look again; "okay then.... umm see you in a bit i guess Ash." i smiled and he smirked with a wink. "good luck Lucas!" Ashton called and Luke chuckled; "I don't need Luck Ash." they both started laughing as myself and Luke walked down to the hire car their management called for and he opened the door for me as we slipped in. "where are we going Luke?" he smiled sweetly at me; "surprise babe." he grinned and started off on our journey.

"Hemmings." Luke spoke and the waitress seated us at our table. i smiled and Luke grinned at me; "dont eat loads you may feel sick later." he sent me a wink and i felt confused why were we swimming later?! "Any drinks?" Luke grinned up at the waitress and smiled; "two white wines please." she left and i set my menu down. "Lucas Hemmings you best tell me what you and Ash are both up too or i sweat to god ill kill you both." i whispered at him and he smirked. ENOUGH WITH THE BLOODY SMIRKING!!! "Cadie, we are simply fulfilling a fantasy the three of us have." he winked at me and i huffed again. i don't have any fantasies... well just the main one all girls have.... a guy in uniform banging the hell outta me until i cant walk.

oh sush dont you be judging me!

"how about we play a little game?" i looked up and sighed; "okay." Luke moved to the seat next to me appose to opposite me where he previously was. "Here's your drinks, you ready to order?" Luke nodded and ordered for us both. "can we get two of the lamb dish please, make it small." he sent a wink her way and she nodded and left us. Luke leaned into my side and whispered; "try and be quiet." i looked at him just as i felt his hand move up my thigh and to my underwear.

his fingers brushed over my clit as the food was being served to our table i bit my lip to hold in the moan. i shot Luke a look and he just smiled at me like he didn't know what he was doing. "Cadie... eat." he whispered to me as his hand resurfaced to the table he winked and licked the tips of his fingers. i held in a internal moan and started to eat. yea the food was pretty damn amazing for the size of a kiddie meal! we were still sat their just comfortable silence then I had enough; "whats your fantasy Luke?" i spoke barely a whisper and he smirked at me; "really wanna know?" i bit my lip and nodded. "a threesome with you." he sent me a wink and i felt my cheeks heat up and i downed the rest of my glass of wine.


hold up a damn second!

"L-Luke.... y-you and Ash arent going to..... is this what tonight is about?" i stuttered oht and he chuckled with a dark glint in his eye. "maybe." he nearly growled out and i felt my panties get wetter. i shook the image from my head. "And someone told me when they were drunk that they wanted a threesome with me and Ash." i snapped my head to him and he chuckled darkly: "w-what?" he chuckled again; "Cade myself and Ash are only trying make that fantasy or dream of yours to be reality." i bit my lip suddenly getting nervous. "just if things get to much just use the safety word," i nodded. "whats the safety word?" he chuckled and licked his lips dry. "Poppy." i looked at him and i swear i saw him blush a small amount; "y-you-" he cut me off and nodded; "i did listen to you Cadie.... it'll always be your safety word in whatever you're doing all us boys know that." i nodded and he paid the cheque. "i best get you to Ashton."

"Hey Luke. Cadie." he smirked and i rolled my eyes: "i know what this is about Ash cut it out with the smirking." he chuckled and held his hand out to me. "would you care to join me for food?" i rolled my eyes and laughed; "only if you get some something covered in chocolate and its not on either of you and in cake form then yes." i heard Luke stifle a chuckled and headed towards his car again; "fine. now get your cute backside in here." he smiled and i felt a heat rise to my face.

"Luke did what?" it was my turn to smirk and lean into Ashton a little more. "he started fingering me while our food was being brought to the table." i whispered and slid my hand up his thigh. i felt him shudder a little bit and smirked.

maybe it wasnt going to me who was going to feel uncomfortable. "going to the boys room be back in a second." he pecked my lips and i pulled my cell out.

'to; Lukey

maybe its not gona be me being uncomfortable tonight. Ash is getting nervous ;) C xx'

i hit send and waited for Ashton. a few more minutes passed and he was still not back as my cell vibrated;

'From; Lukey;

well good then ;) maybe you'll be having more fun than you think ;) L xx'

i rolled my eyes and looked for Ashton. no sign.

'To; Lukey;

wait til i get my hands on you both ;) ;P C xx'

i hit send and saw Ash walked back to the table. "whats got you smiling?" i smiled towards him and bit my lip; "how about we get outta here and go join Luke?" i whispered and squeezed his thigh. his breathing hitched and just simply nodded.

'to; Lukey;

on our way back. be. ready.'

i hit send. i smirked and moved towards Ashton as he was driving and started kissing his neck. "C-Cade.... m-me and Luke a-are..... urgh.... b-bisexual..... k-kinda been...... oh fuck...... fucking...." i smirked and palmed him through his suit trousers. i hummed as i carried on kissing his neck and he drove a little faster. "Ash.... i kinda knew." i moved back to my Side of the car and smirked. he groaned and saw his boner as be swored around the corner and parked outside the 5sos house.

we walked into the house and towards the bedroom. Luke was coming out of the en suit bathroom with his suit loosely hanging. he looked hot. i smirked and looked between Ash and Luke who both grinned at me. "i shall be back in a few seconds. get this place sorted out and comfortable." i ordered and went into one of my draws and pulled out something thats gonna drive them both crazy.

about 20 minutes passed and i was just about done with my hair and washed mu face and put a little mascara back on and Chapstick.

i unlocked the en suit door and was soon slammed into the wall by Luke. lust filled his eyes turning his normally ice blue eyes to dark stormy blue i flickered to Ashton who smirked behind Luke and his eyes seemed almost black. "Luke.... get on your knees." i whispered and he shook his head with a smirk.

two can play this game. i sighed and his grip on me relaxed i smirked and within half a seconds i slammed Luke into the wall where he had previously held me. i bit my lip and hovered over his pink lips and he shuddered. "what do you want me to do Luke?" i whispered and Luke shivered. i let him go and walked passed him and Ashton. i swung my hips more on purpose and heard two sets of groans. i turned around and smirked. "now... i know that you two have been secretly fucking behind everyones backs and you know something...." i began to walk towards Ashton and grabbed his collar; "that makes me so fucking horny." i whispered and my eyes flickered to Luke and back to Ashton. he swallowed hard and i tore his shirt opened and his shirt buttons flew around the room; "Luke on the bed now." i pointed and he flew onto the bed as i started making out with Ashton.

"you... look ..... so .... fucking hot..... in that......babydoll...." Ashton muttered out as we kissed. i pulled away and looked towards Luke who had a hand down his suit pants getting himself off. "Luke..." he looked at me as i smirked and stripped Ashton nude. "fuck." is all i heard from Luke. i gripped Ashtons member in my hand and started pumping him. Luke started groaning and i turned to him wriggling on the bed. "Ashton. bed." he scrambled on the bed as i hovered over Luke again and stripped him down the same as Ashton and took Luke in my mouth. i heard grunting and Lukes hand tangled in my hair.

a searing pain went through my butt cheeks and i gasped around Luke and pulled my head up as i saw Ashton kneeling behind me. "what birth control are you on?" i giggled and looked at Luke. "injection and before you say it you can both cum in me and i wont get knocked up if thats what tour worried about." just then Ash slammed into me from behind. i moaned out and i have to say it felt so so damn good. he stayed still for a few moments and he let me get used to his huge size before starting thrusting in me. i looked up at Luke through hooded eyes and he wriggled directly underneath me and started kissing me with so much passion. "L-luke-" he nodded and i felt his dick hitting my clit as Ashton pounded into me. "i want your cum drip down onto me before i fuck you." i nodded as i felt one of Ashton's hands leave my hips and grip hold of my hair as Luke played with my boobs and tossed himself off. various moans and swear words filled the room. "L-luke." Ashton moaned out and it was the hottest sound i think over ever heard. Luke pulled away from kissing me and knelt directly in front of me i took him in my mouth and hollowed my cheeks i looked up and saw him and Ashton heavily making out. i moaned at the sighed and they pulled away and both looked down at me. "fuck..." Ashton breathed out and then Luke brushed my hair away from my face; "this is so hot!" he moaned out and i felt Ashton rub my clit as he pounded into my ass i moaned around Luke and pulled him out of my mouth; "i-im gonna... c-cum...." Luke wriggled underneath me again and replaced Ash's finger on my clit and rubbed harder as ashton was bringing me to my high..."FUCK!" i screamed as Ash hit my g spot as Luke was rubbing my clit and i came all over the boys' dicks and leaked down my own thighs. Ashton rode my high out and slowly and pull out of excruciatingly slow. i moaned and Luke kissed me sweetly and passionately on the lips. i sighed and myself and Ashton fell onto Luke and i felt Ashtons boner still evident digging into my butt cheek. he let out a moan and i giggled and started grinding my bum against his dick. "Cadie stop teasing Ashton." Luke had grabbed my face and i smirked; "whatchu gonna do Lukey?" i whispered out and he flipped me over and looked at Ashton and smirked: "my turn." Luke positioned at my entrance that was yet to be filled as Ashton done me Anal. "Lukey what do you want?" Ashton spoke and kissed down Lukes neck. he smirked and pushed into me. "i want you to watch me fuck Cadie and not.... touch yourself." Ashton groaned and Luke stopes thrusting and got a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Ashtons hands together behind his back and told him to sit in the Chair behind Luke so i could see the way ashton got harder and more turned on by watching myself and Luke.

i was a moaning mess after a few minutes. my legs were on Lukes shoulders. i looked at Ashton who was wide eyes and shifting, precum leakin from his dick it was a hot view. "Luke... get Ashton to shove a dildo in my.... ass." Luke nodded and stopped and unlocked Ashton and grabbed a dildo and Ashton followed my orders for about 10 minutes. i was near my high again and i shook my head. "tell me what you want." Luke smirked. "i want you to suck Ash off while i shove that dildo i my hole." he pulled it of me and handed me the dildo and started sucking Ashton off and i felt myself beginning to climax: "Luke im not letting her make herself cum," Ashton flipped Luke over and he started fucking me harder and i saw Ashton line his dick up at Luke entrence and plunge in luke stopped fucking me getting used to Ashton being in him and he and Ashton started going in rhythm with each other. they were both going ao hard and fast. i gripped Luke Ass and dragged my nails across the perfect skin. Ashton grabbed my hands and gave them a squeeze as i felt Luke tremble. "im... urgh..ashhhhh!" i moaned out and Ashton fucked Luke harder and Luke who was fucking me went harder. Ashton gripped my hands hard and i came and felt Luke fill me up and i looked around at Ashton and smirked as i looked at him as i kissed Luke and touched my boobs and he soon came in Luke 's tight little hole.

we all collapsed on the bed the two boys either side of me and i started giggling; "whats funny?" Ashton said trying yo catch his breath; " nothing just that.... you boys thought id be awkward and shy about this. it was actually really fun." Luke rolled and faced me as he slung his arm over my bare torso and Ashton laughed; "maybe we can do it again at some point.... gets Luke to sleep." we both looked at Luke who was lightly snoring already. Ashton went to grab the spare blanket and threw it over the three of us. i snuggled down into Luke then felt Ashton pull the two of us closer to him. i love the feeling of being protected between the two boys.

(my first time writing this sorry if its



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