My impossible dream

Hannah is a girl who is a huge fan of 5sos and 1d, both her and her best friend love music, her family is Loving caring and sweet but over protective and their rule is No dating, or hanging out with boys unless you need to. What will she do when she meets The boy of her dreams.
I will try to write as often as possible. Plzz give me feedback


9. short. chapter

Hannah's POV

"Ash," I said as I heard his voice on the other end

"Hannah, what are you doing, I said no breaking rules, your dad won't trust me!" He said, you can hear the lump in his throat.

"Ash calm down, my moms right here. I can call you once." I replied trying not to cry

"Ok, I just wanna tell you tht I will win you're fathers love and trust" he replied

"Don't worry, we have a plan. We must stay apart for a month, because dad wants to see if you really love me. Mom said after a month she will talk to him and we can be together," I said as my mom patted my head

"I love you and will love you forever, " he replied

"I love you too" I said before I hung up

Moms POV

She's in love, I was like this with her dad. But she's much stronger then I am. I would've died.

"My angel, you two will be together soon" I said to Hannah

"Yeah, yeah we will" she replied

I left her room as she sat on the bed, plugged in her headphones and started singing, wherever you are by, 5sos.

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