My impossible dream

Hannah is a girl who is a huge fan of 5sos and 1d, both her and her best friend love music, her family is Loving caring and sweet but over protective and their rule is No dating, or hanging out with boys unless you need to. What will she do when she meets The boy of her dreams.
I will try to write as often as possible. Plzz give me feedback


6. not my best work

The next day

Hannah's POV

"Ding dong" the doorbell woke me up, I was worried that yesterday was just a dream. I heard my father

"Good morning Ashton" he said

"Good morning sir" ash replied, I could tell he was nervous

I tossed on a quick outfit and ran downstairs. My dad and mom told me to go out and get the groceries.

"I'll help" ash volunteered

We walked outside and stood at the side of our house.

"I've missed you chipmunk" ash said pinning me against the wall

"So have I ash but what if someone comes" I asked worried

"Then we better make this quick" he said with a smirk

He leaned forward and gave me a passionate kiss. Every kiss gives me strength to go on with the day.

We stopped and walked towards the car. We unloaded the groceries and my father talked to ash for a long time, I was happy and excited. Ash and dad had a lot in common.

One hour later

"Dad I have to go to that photography meeting at amsc" Hannah said as him and Ashton chatted away

"I'm going there too!" Ashton told your father

"What time does it end?" Her father asked

"10" ash and Hannah replied at the same time

"Hannah I think you should go with Ashton because you will be able to get a ride and you will have company at night" her father said

Hannah's POV

Our plan was going better than expected, Aston was going to volunteer but my father just told him to do it, this was going to be fun.

"Ok sir we should be leaving now" Ashton said shaking my fathers hand

"Bye dad" I said trying to hide my excitement

We got in the car, as soon as we got two blocks ahead, you probably know the drill by now, pulled over at a gas station and .. Yep, that again.

I pulled away first this time which worried Ashton

"What's wrong?" He asked

"Ashton, we have known each other for two days, it feels like forever. We have made out like 6 times already! What are we? Just two friends who like to make out? Am I your girlfriend? What's going on, I don't get it." I had been keeping all of this inside all day.

Ash smiled and grabbed my hand

"Hannah, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked

"Yes!" I said instantly

But something was bugging me

"Ash I never lied to my parents before, it's not like me, I can't keep lying to them when they trust me so much" I asked him relieved that I let all of that out.

"We don't have to lie, I have gotten to know your dad pretty well, he would like me to go up to him and ask him if I can date you, I will say we haven't ever thought about it and then he will ask you and if you say yes, he will let us go out" he replied in a calm tone

"You really think so?" I asked

"I know so" he replied

We went on to the photography class, we took some pictures of each other, we laughed and had so much fun. Then the time came for me to go home and dread the next day when Ashton will come to talk to my dad. I got in the car and explained the plan to Jenna

j:so you come over tomorrow while he talks to your dad h: ok sure, ill tell him you have a problem that se isn't letting me tell anyone. J: he is gonna think I'm pregnant! H: well if you and Niall keep going at it like that then it might be true(ash was laughing in the backround). J: shut up both of you. H:Kk I'm almost home, see you tomorrow. J: bye

"Bye babe," Ashton said before giving me a short but sweet kiss

"Byee" I said while opening the door

I couldn't wait until I wouldn't have to keep Ashton and I a secret anymore

"Did I just see you kiss Ashton!" My brother was standing at the window waiting for me to come home

"What! no, that's weird" I said

"IM TELLING DAD" he ran up the stairs and I didn't know what to do, I ran out of the house and ran after Ashton's car. Thankfully he saw me and got me in the car. What have I done

(Sorry I have been super busy ad that's why the chapter is short and tbh pretty lame)

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