My impossible dream

Hannah is a girl who is a huge fan of 5sos and 1d, both her and her best friend love music, her family is Loving caring and sweet but over protective and their rule is No dating, or hanging out with boys unless you need to. What will she do when she meets The boy of her dreams.
I will try to write as often as possible. Plzz give me feedback


5. meet my parents

Hannah's POV

It was way to dark. Out of nowhere I see a flashlight along with a bunch of whispers

"There's one" I heard as the flashlight shun on me

"I call her" another voice said

"She's mine!"a guy said louder than the rest

I started walking faster, then before I knew it I was running with a group of guys behind me.

I was crying, I couldn't breath, I couldn't call the cops because my phone was dead. I hid in the bushes. All of a sudden I heard him,

"Leave her alone!" He said

"Who do you think you are!"said one of the guys pushing him

"Before you make another move I would just like to say I have security all around me right now and at one whistle or yell, they could come and take you to the police station." He fired back

I smiled, Ashton brought the security. I could hear all the boys run away.

"Hannah!" Ashton yelled

I came out and ran towards him. He gave me a quick hug and kiss and told the security to leave. I was to scared to go alone now.

"Get in the car, I'll explain to your parents that I just saw a bunch if guys annoying you so that's why I'm dropping you off," he said, with that one sentence all my fears had vanished. I sat in his car,

"How did you know I was in trouble?" I asked

"You really think I would let you walk home alone without me watching over you? I was just driving around and as soon as I saw you running I called my security who were at my house." He explained

I felt so safe with him, safer then I felt at home.

"Wait you live a block down from me?" I asked changing the topic because I was scared enough in the dark

"Yeah, I was about to walk around the block meeting the community yesterday when Niall called me and told me to go over to his house." He replied, for some reason stone cold

"Why aren't you acting normal ash?" I asked him

" it's just that, what if I wasn't there? You could've been hurt, I would kill myself for leaving you alone" he said staring into my eyes

"But nothing happened, never live in what ifs," I reassured him while we started singing along to the song on the radio

"Oh my goodness where were you!!" My mother asked as soon as I opened the door

I hugged her and my dad

"Mom, dad this is Ashton, he dropped me home" I said Looking down at the floor

"why? Who is he?" My dad asked, I could see the fury in his eyes

"Jenna dropped me off at the roundabout and when I walked,a group of guys started chasing me. Ashton being the celebrity that he is had security so he came and saved me, then he said it was too dangerous for me to walk home now, so he dropped me off" I explained hoping that I wouldn't be too obvious about lying

"Thank you young man, wait. Your that man from Hannah's poster , from 5sos" my mother said

"Yes I am mrs Wilbur. I live on the street behind you" he answered chuckling at how scared I looked

"Would you like anything to eat or drink Ashton?" My father asked him, his anger had cooled down into gratitude

"No thanks it's late I should be leaving," he replied waving bye to me while I went up the stairs

"Ashton come by tomorrow, we will talk more then" my father said. Ashton left and my father was very pleased, no one talked about that the rest of the night. They watched tv as a family as I sat in my room texting Ashton. I finally went downstairs said my goodbyes and fell asleep thinking of how amazing my life is and how much Ashton cares about me already.

(Ik this chapter was lame, I ran out of ideas)

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