My impossible dream

Hannah is a girl who is a huge fan of 5sos and 1d, both her and her best friend love music, her family is Loving caring and sweet but over protective and their rule is No dating, or hanging out with boys unless you need to. What will she do when she meets The boy of her dreams.
I will try to write as often as possible. Plzz give me feedback


7. is this the end

Hannah's POV

I knew I wouldn't be here for long, everyone knows where Ashton lives. They will be here any minute.

"Don't be scared," Ashton whispered as we sat on his sofa.

"I wanna go home, I'm ready to accept any punishment!" I yell

"I won't let you, I'll say I dragged you into it," Ashton said staring in my eyes

"But they won't ever let me see you again," I said trying I hold the my tears back

"That's gonna happen anyway, I know you don't wanna think about this but after today, we won't be able to see each other, your parents might take your phone away, but we are gonna be done," Ashton said, I could see the tears. Collecting in his eyes

He embraces me and we both let our tears out,

"I will still love you," he says through my sobbing

"So will I," I replied,

We kissed, we enjoyed every minute of it, for it might be our last kiss

"Ding dong"

"It's them" Ashton said

He hugged me and kissed me on the head wiping away my tears

It was my mom, dad and brother. I ran and hugged my dad, I sobbed and told them I was sorry, I am in love, what can I do?

"We trusted you, you betrayed our trust" my dad replied

"I'm sorry dad, i just don't know what to do" I said as I could see Ashton walking away, crying

"We will forgive you," my dad said

"Thank you so much dad, hear that Ashton, dad is fine" I yelled

"No, I forgive you, as long as you promise not to talk to or see Ashton ever again," I was shocked , did my dad really just say that?"

I couldn't take it, I fell to the ground and sobbed, dad came and comforted me, he said I'm sorry but that's the only way

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