My impossible dream

Hannah is a girl who is a huge fan of 5sos and 1d, both her and her best friend love music, her family is Loving caring and sweet but over protective and their rule is No dating, or hanging out with boys unless you need to. What will she do when she meets The boy of her dreams.
I will try to write as often as possible. Plzz give me feedback


10. 2 weeks early

Hannah's POV

It's been a week since I left him, it feels like forever, I went to asda today. They had a magazine with him plastered on top.. Ashton Irwins new girlfriend.. I thought they had seen us last month but it isn't me, it was Jenna we hadn't talked in a long time, I didn't have my phone and my parents didn't trust her house anymore after our little incident with Niall and Ashton. All I saw was her twitter status's the first picture was her with Niall then her with Ashton, and well, she had a lot with Ashton now, had they broken up and she started to date Ashton!! I was scared. Next thing you know, Ashton tweeted

@Ashton5sos this distance we have, will prove our love and after we jump this hurdle I will never let you go

My heart sank, it's only been a week. I can do it, I tell myself. I immediately tweeted.

@Umm.Hannah your love gives me hope.. 2 weeks left

I closed my laptop and went downstairs to my dad

Dad's POV

She has been holding up really well. She doesn't leave the house unless it's with me or her siblings. She doesn't use her phone. I have her twitter account logged in, she just indirect tweeted Ashton, but so far they haven't actually spoken.i have made my verdict, I have enough information. Now is the time to decide, will Ashton and Hannah be together or not. Hannah comes down the stairs

"Honey I need to talk to you, about Ashton," when she hears that name, her eyes widen, tears in her eyes but a forced smile.

Hannah POV

It's time, 2 weeks early

"Yes dad," I say as I walk towards the couch to sit down

"Well honey... I have been watching you for this week and monitoring your and Ashton's relationship and I know that you two are.........

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