WWE: Road To WrestleMania 2

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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Road To WrestleMania; Kim has completed almost a year of her dream in the WWE as the Divas champion. Last night she defended her title at WrestleMania against Nikki and Natalya and retain. More down the path Kim get her next opponent... someone she never expected it to be. As her career goes on in her second run in WWE, Kim gets injured and makes her have second thoughts about leaving. Dean helps Kim fight and try to stay with the company.


10. WrestleMania

(9 Months Later - Week Before WrestleMania) 

Stephanie: Tonight, we are gonna have a no. 1 contenders for Victoria's Diva championship at WrestleMania.  

Tamina: *comes out to the ring first* 

Paige: *comes out next* 

Natalya: *comes out next* 

AJ: *comes out last* 

Tamina: *superkicks Natalya out the ring* 

AJ: *jumps on tamina and attacks her* 

Paige: *pulls aj off and tosses her out the ring* 

Tamina: *staredowns with paige* 

Paige: *hits tamina first* 

Tamina: *hits back and forth with paige* 

Natalya: *runs in the ring and breaks the fight* 

Tamina: *drops Natalya* 

AJ: *jumps from the turnbuckle* 

Tamina: *superkicks aj* 

AJ: *laid out* 

Natalya: *clothesline tamina out the ring* 

Tamina: *brawls with Natalya up the ramp* 

Paige: *looks at Natalya and tamina and then smiles and grabs aj by the hair and goes for paige turner and pins her* 

Natalya: *runs back to the ring* 

Ref: 2! 3! 

Natalya: *stops halfway disappointed* 

Paige: *smiles and skips around the ring* 

(WrestleMania Comic/Interviews) 

Interviewer 1: Kim, how does it feel to be back in the WWE after 9 months? 

Kim: You know it feels great you know that. This is what I missed and this is what I want to do again. 

Interviewer 2: Is there any plans on you returning? 

Kim: No, I'm actually, still out on injury right now. I had my spine surgery the night I left the WWE, so I still have a long way to heal. 

Interviewer 2: That sucks. 

Kim: I know right, I mean I love WrestleMania, I main evented it last year and I retained my title in the triple threat match. I'm bummed out I won't get to be a part of it this year. Well it's not like I been all years, but still. *laughs* 

Interviewer 1: Is there anything you want to do for the WWE while out on an injury? 

Kim: Well there's charity works, I can do that, but the Dr.'s won't clear me for it because a lot of slouching over can actually retore my tissues again, so that's out. *smiles* 

Interviewer 3: What match are you looking for tomorrow night? 

Kim: Um, I'm actually excited for the divas match. 

Interviewer 3: Why? 

Kim: I don't know, I always am actually, I don't know what it is, but I love when the divas fight at WrestleMania. You get to see some of the cool costumes they wear, and everything they do is so dedicated and so passionate about it, and well, it's for everyone, but still. *laughs* 

Interviewer 2: Well we at least see you a split second of you there? 

Kim: You might, I won't say you will, but maybe in the background during an interview I hope. *smiles* 

Interviewer 1: Alright Kim, thanks for coming out to answer a few questions for us.  

Kim: Thank you for having me. *smiles and leaves* 

(Hall of Fame) 

Eden: Kim, it's so great to see you here with us tonight. It's been 9 months since we last saw you. You look better than ever. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Well thank you Eden, I been trying to stay in shape since the last time you all saw me on television. *laughs* 

Eden *laughs* You actually look like you been working out since you left. 

Kim: Shhh. *smiles then chuckles* 

Eden: Oops. *laughs* Well thank you for coming out tonight, we missed you. *hugs kim* 

Kim: Aw, I missed you guys too. *hugs eden back* 


Eden: *interviews Victoria* Victoria, it's been years since you had a WrestleMania match, how are you feeling right now? 

Victoria: *smiles* I'm actually really, really excited to be back for WrestleMania. I love WrestleMania, it's home to me, and just getting to be a part of it, is awesome Eden.  

Eden: Now, you're defending your title against Paige tonight, how are you feeling about that? 

Victoria: I am so ready to take on Paige, she is a strong competitor, but it sucks that I'll have to end her WrestleMania title dream match. 

Paige: *interrupts* End? We'll see about that. *smiles and walks off* 

Victoria: Excuse us please. *goes after paige* 

Eden: Thank you, back to you Jerry. 

Jerry: Well, we're gonna have to wait and see the divas match later, but right now; let's take a look at the rivalry of Jimmy and Jey Uso. 

(Later On) 

Paige: *comes out to the ring* 

Victoria: *comes out next* 

Ref: *starts the match* 

Victoria: *throwins punches back and forth with paige* 

Paige: *kicks Victoria and goes for a pinfall* 

Victoria: *kicks out* 

Paige: *screams* 

Victoria: *fights paige outside the ring* 

Kim: *music hits* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Victoria: *gets in the ring and waits for kim* 

Kim: *music stops* 

Victoria: *gets out the ring and heads up the ramp* 

Kim: *music starts again* 

Victoria: *stops* 

Fans: *cheers again* 

Kim: *music stops* 

Victoria: *gets mad and heads back in the ring* 

Paige: *kicks Victoria and goes for the rampaige* 

Victoria: *laid out* 

Paige: *gets the pinfall* 

Ref: *raises up paige's arm* 

Lilian: And your new! Divas champion! Paige! 

Paige: *climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans and then leaves* 

Victoria: *gets upset and throws a tantrum in the ring* 

(WrestleMania Segment) 

Paige: *walking to the car* I can't believe I won the divas champion. 

Summer: Yeah, I'm so proud of you Paige, you showed Victoria what was up. *smiles* 

Paige: Exactly! I proved to her that she couldn't end my WrestleMania dream title match. 

Summer: I'm so happy you won.  

Paige: Me too. 

Summer: Alright, I'll see you tomorrow at RAW.  

Paige: You too.  

Summer: *gets in the car* 

Victoria: *attacks paige* 

Paige: *knocked out in the parking lot* 

Victoria: Welcome to my world... Paige!

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