WWE: Road To WrestleMania 2

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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Road To WrestleMania; Kim has completed almost a year of her dream in the WWE as the Divas champion. Last night she defended her title at WrestleMania against Nikki and Natalya and retain. More down the path Kim get her next opponent... someone she never expected it to be. As her career goes on in her second run in WWE, Kim gets injured and makes her have second thoughts about leaving. Dean helps Kim fight and try to stay with the company.


3. Trade Off


Nikki: Hey, I heard you got yourself a house up in the hills. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I did, I love that house Nikki, it's so big and so beautiful. 

Nikki: Like John's right? 

Kim: No! It's bigger than John's. 

Nikki: What? No way. *smiles* 

Kim: It's 70,000 square feet. 

Nikki: What?! How much? 

Kim: $3.7M. 

Nikki: Kim! That is a lot! 

Kim: Yeah, but it'll be worth it. *smiles* Jon was supportive enough to let me buy it, so I'm happy. 

Nikki: That's good, but tonight, you're match. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm facing Paige and losing to her. 

Nikki: Wow, you get a good one and you lose a good one. *chuckles* 

Kim: Shut up. *laughs* 

Nikki: Ok, I'll let you get ready then. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, I'll see you afterwards. *warms up* 

RAW: *starts* 

Paige: *comes out to the ring* 

Kim: *comes out next to a big pop* 

Paige: *locks up with kim* 

Kim: *reverses out and bear hugs paige* 

Paige: *pulls kims arms apart and head bumps her* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* 

Paige: *crawls to kim and head bumps her a few more times* 

Kim: *covers her head* 

Paige: *trades some back and forth with kim* 

Kim: *kicks paige in the gutter* 

Paige: *knees kim back* 

Kim: *holds onto her stomach* 

Paige: *goes for the paige turner and then pto* 

Kim: *screams in pain and taps out* 

Fans: *boos* 

JBL: We have a new champion! We have a new champion! Finally! 

Kim: *looks at paige and cries* 

Paige: *kisses the belt and smiles at kim* 

Kim: *gets up angrily* 

Paige: *grabs the mic* I've beaten 3-4-4. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets mad and attacks paige* 

Paige: *escapes thru the ropes and runs up the ramp* 

Kim: *screams and throws a tantrum in the ring* 

Ref: *trying to calm kim* 

Kim: *beats up the ref* 

(Backstage Interview) 

Eden: Kim, Kim, you just lost your title to Paige out there, you must be feeling really upset right now. 

Kim: Upset? *tries not to cry* Upset! I am hurt Eden. I lost... I lost my baby. *cries* We've been together for 344 days Eden. I let her down. I let her down. And Paige, I will win my baby back from you, and this time, I will make sure you tap out! *looks at eden and walks off* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Kim: *opens Smackdown with a promo*  

Fans: *mixtures of boos and cheers* 

Kim: *sighs* Yeah, I know, boo me all you want. *gets mad* You all should be supporting me and helping me get thru the fact that... *tries not to cry* That I lost my baby. I spent 344 days with her and just like that, Paige robbed her from me. But it's ok, at Extreme Rules in two weeks, I will get her back, back into my arms. And. *smiles* Together we will be happy again. 

Paige: *comes out* Kim, Kim. Why so angry for? 

Kim: *stares down at paige upset* 

Paige: *smiles* If you want, I can call out a ref and we can have your rematch. It doesn't have to be at Extreme Rules. 

Kim: *smiles then chuckles* Yeah, you know Paige, you're right. Why don't you call out a ref so we can have our rematch and I'll get to walk into Extreme Rules champion. *smiles* 

Paige: And I get to walk out champion. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets more upset* 

Paige: C'mon, let's get a ref out here. 

Ref: *comes out to the ring* 

Kim: *attacks paige* 

Paige: *pushes kim over and head bump her a few times* 

Kim: *pushes paige off and kicks her* 

Paige: *grabs kim by the hair and head bumps her* 

Kim: *falls back to the ground* 

Paige: *picks up kim for the rampaige* 

Kim: *laid out in the ring* 

Paige: *goes for a pinfall and wins* 

Ref: *raises paiges arm* 

Lilian: And still your divas champion, Paige! 

Kim: *sits up in the ring* 

Paige: *gets out the ring and holds her belt up* 

Kim: *stands up disappointed then heads to the back* 

(Backstage Segment) 

Kane: *talking to seth and randy* 

Kim: *barges into the room* 

All: *looks at kim* 

Kim: I want a match with Paige at Extreme Rules 2 weeks from now. 

Randy: You want a match with Paige? Didn't you just have one with her? And you lost to her, why would you want to lose to her again Kim. 

Kim: *gets in randys face* Mark my words Randy. *looks at kane* Book that match at Extreme Rules, and I will prove to you. *looks at randy* Wrong, now believe that and believe in Kim. *looks at seth and walks off* 

Seth: *looks at kim leave* 

(Smackdown before Extreme Rules) 

Kim: *enters the ring first* 

Eva: *comes out next* 

Kim: *locks up with eva and then takes her down* 

Eva: *groans* 

Kim: *headlocks eva on the mat* 

Eva: *breaks out* 

Kim: *locks up with eva again and takes her down again* 

Eva: *lays on the mat* 

Kim: *flips and splashes eva* 

Eva: *groans and curls up* 

Kim: *grabs eva by the hair and snap ddt her* 

Eva: *laid out* 

Kim: *picks eva up and throws her to the turnbuckle and goes for a 10 hit* 

Eva: *stops kim and powerbombs her* 

Kim: *curls up and holds her head* 

Eva: *goes for a pin* 

Kim: *kicks out and kicks leg sweeps eva* 

Eva: *falls on her bottom* 

Kim: *grabs eva and puts her legs thru the middle ropes* 

Eva: *screams* No! 

Kim: *grabs evas hair and bends her back* 

Eva: *screaming and trying to get out of it* 

Kim: *runs to the rope and ddts eva from the second rope* 

Eva: *out cold* 

Kim: *goes for the cloverleaf* 

Eva: *taps out screaming* 

Paige: *walks out to the ramp* 

Kim: *grabs the mic* 

Eva: *rolls out the ring* 

Kim: Paige, I hope you were watching because this Sunday at Extreme Rules I will do the same exact thing, but worst!  

Paige: Kim, this Sunday, you're right, you will be doing worst. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets mad* 

Paige: This Sunday, instead of a one on one match, I want us to be more competitive yeah? 

Kim: And exactly what is that Paige! 

Paige: This Sunday, we're gonna ourselves an Extreme Rules match, no count outs, no disqualifications, and no rules. All extreme. 

Kim: *smiles* You're on. *drops her mic and runs to the ramp* 

Paige: *runs backstage* 

(Backstage Segment) 

Kim: *fighting and pushing paige* 

Paige: *trying to run away and throwing things in kims way* 

Kim: *pushes the things out the way and jumps on paige* 

Paige: *grabs kim by the head and flips her over onto the concrete* 

Kim: *groans and curls up* 

Paige: *grabs a kendo stick and beats kim up with it* 

Securities: *pulls paige away from kim* 

Paramedics: *checking on kim* 

(Extreme Rules) 

Kim: *comes out to the ring first taped up* 

Paige: *comes out next smiling* 

Kim: *ready to attack paige* 

Paige: *gets to the apron and poses* 

Kim: *dropkicks paige off the apron* 

Paige: *embarrassed/looks up at kim* 

Kim: *smiles and waves to paige* 

Paige: *runs in the ring and brawls with kim* 

Kim: *does a tilt a wirl* 

Paige: *goes face first onto the mat* 

Kim: *gets out the ring and finds a kendo stick and smiles* 

Cole: Now we saw Paige use that on Kim this past Smackdown backstage and now look who has it in their hand tonight. 

Kim: *gets in the ring and stares at paige* 

Paige: *begging* No! Please. *crawling backwards to the ropes* 

Kim: *hits paige on the thighs with the kendo* 

Paige: *screams and rolls out the ring* 

Kim: *jumps out the ring and beats paige up with the kendo* 

Paige: *trying to crawl and fails* 

Kim: *sits on paige's back and chokes her with the stick* 

Paige: *pushes it away and upwards at kim* 

Kim: *hits herself with the kendo stick and falls back* 

Paige: *runs in the ring* 

Kim: *gets up and runs in the ring* 

Paige: *kicks kim in the head* 

Kim: *falls back out on the floor* 

Paige: *goes and gets the kendo stick and hits kim with it* 

Kim: *turns around and monkey flips paige* 

Paige: *slams onto the ground and groans* 

Kim: *goes and looks under the ring* 

Paige: *slowly gets up* 

Kim: *sprays paige with the extinguisher* 

Paige: *trying to run from it* 

Kim: *chases paige with it* 

Paige: *falls to the ground* 

Kim: *throws the extinguisher and looks for another object under the ring* 

Paige: *out on the floor* 

Kim: *takes out the table and pushes it inside in ring and sets it up* 

Paige: *slowly getting up* 

Kim: *gets out the ring and pulls paige inside the ring* 

Paige: *kicks kim* 

Kim: *blocks and throws paige to the turnbuckle and sits up on there* 

Paige: *tired* 

Kim: *climbs the second turnbuckle* 

Paige: *gets fired up and pushes kim* 

Kim: *falls onto table* 

Paige: *stands on the turnbuckle and jumps onto kim with her feet* 

Kim: *breaks thru the table* 

Paige: *pulls kim by the hair and goes for a pinfall* 

Kim: *kicks out* 

Jerry: Oh my god! How did she kick out of that?! 

JBL: Paige should have one already!  

Kim: *slowly gets up* 

Paige: *grabs onto kims hair and slams her face first to the mat* 

Kim: *laid out* 

Roman: She's really taking it like a champ out there. 

Dean: Yeah, I know, I thought she would have been done with that table. 

Roman: She's a strong little 21 year old. *laughs* 

Dean: *laughs* Yeah, she is. 

Kim: *grabs onto paige and ddts her* 

Paige: *flips over from the ddt* 

Kim: *rolls out the ring and leans against the apron exhausted* 

Paige: *still laid out* 

Kim: Move! *pushes Justin out the way and grabs the chair* 

Jerry: Oh my god! She's not gonna do it is she?! 

Kim: *folds up the chair throws it in the ring and gets on the apron and faces the fans* 

Paige: *slowly grabs the chair* 

Jerry: Look out Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* 

Paige: *knocks kim off the apron with the chair* 

Kim: *tumbles to the floor out cold* 

Paige: *goes out the ring and grabs kim into the ring* 

Kim: *out of it* 

Paige: *rampaiges kim onto the chair* 

Kim: *out again* 

Paige: *goes for a pinfall* 

Kim: *kicksout* 

Roman: What! *laughs* 

Dean: *smiles* That's my girl, she makes me proud. *laughs* 

Paige: *walks around the ring getting frustrated* 

Kim: *twitches and slowly holds the ropes to get up* 

Paige: *beats up kim* 

Kim: *pushes paige* 

Paige: *kicks kim in the head* 

Kim: *falls back to the ground* 

Paige: *gets out the ring and looks under the ring* 

Kim: *grabs the chair slowly getting up* 

Paige: *sees kim and gets in the ring and runs to her* 

Kim: *turns around and swings the chair at paige* 

Paige: *knocks out* 

Kim: *holds her head and walks over to paige* 

Paige: *out cold* 

Kim: *grabs paige by the hair and drags her to the chair and superplex her onto the chair* 

Paige: *wakes back up and jumps and holds onto her back* 

Kim: *grabs the chair and hits paige with it continuously* 

Ref: *pulls the chair from kim* 

Kim: *pushes the ref and takes the chair back* 

Paige: *gets up* 

Kim: *sits paige in the gutter with the chair* 

Paige: *groans* 

Kim: *hits paige on the back with the chair* 

Ref: C'mon! That's enough Kim! 

Kim: *puts the chair down and goes for a spinebuster onto the chair on paige* 

Paige: *out cold again* 

Kim: *falls on paige and pins her* 

Ref: 1! 2! 3! *calls for the bell* 

Justin: And the winner of this match by pinfall... and New! Divas Champion! Kim! 

Kim: *laying on the mat exhausted* 

Roman: She did it. 

Dean: Yeah she did. *walks to curtain to wait for kim* 

Kim: *grabs her belt from the ref* 

Paramedics: *checks on paige* 

Kim: *stands up and falls back down* 

Refs: *helping kim to the back* 

Dean: I got it. *help kim* 

Kim: *puts her arms around dean* 

Dean: *takes kim into the trainers room* 

Paramedic: *checks on kim* 

Refs: *helps paige to the back*

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