WWE: Road To WrestleMania 2

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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Road To WrestleMania; Kim has completed almost a year of her dream in the WWE as the Divas champion. Last night she defended her title at WrestleMania against Nikki and Natalya and retain. More down the path Kim get her next opponent... someone she never expected it to be. As her career goes on in her second run in WWE, Kim gets injured and makes her have second thoughts about leaving. Dean helps Kim fight and try to stay with the company.


4. A New Predator

(Next Night On RAW) 

Kim: *slowly walks out to the ring* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: *smiles softly getting into the ring* 

Justin: *hands kim the mic* 

Kim: *takes the mic and waits for a bit* I just. *waits again then smiles* I'm your divas champion again! *chuckles softly* I told you all I would get her back, and last night, I did. *smiles* I have my baby back, and now I'm a 2x's divas champion.  

Randy: *comes out* 

Kim: *stares down the ramp* 

Randy: *clapping for kim* Congrats Kim, you did win your title back. You proved me and everyone wrong once again, but Paige had you won already and everyone knows that, but they won't admit it, so I'm gonna say it. You are a hog! 

Kim: What? 

Randy: Exactly, you want everything your way and you do not care about others! You always want spotlights and... 

Kim: Hey! I worked hard to win this title and at Extreme Rules, I showed everyone how hard I worked to get here. 

Randy: And that's by Paige beating you up badly right? Is that how you got here? 

Kim: *gets angry* 

Randy: Now listen to me Kim. That divas title on you, you're gonna lose it soon again, you won't make it far with it, trust me! 

Kim: Trust you? When was the last time you won a title huh? When was the last time you were the longest reign. When was the last time you held a reign? 

Randy: *laughs* At least I had multiple title shot and in your case you won't ever, but just for that same title. 

Triple H: *comes out* Randy, what are you doing starting a fight with a diva? You know that's against our rules. 

Kim: Hey! Triple H!  

Triple H: *looks at kim* 

Kim: Don't get involved, it's none of your business to get between your lapdog and your divas champion. *smiles* 

Stephanie: *walks out to the ring* 

Kim: *gets annoyed* 

Stephanie: Divas Champion? I'm gonna put you in a match tonight Kim, and you're gonna be facing me! No one talks to my husband that way. 

Kim: *smiles and nods* Ok, you want a match against me, bring it on. *drops the mic and gets ready to fight* 

Roman: She even uses the same mic skill you do Dean. 

Dean: Too obvious right? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Stephanie: *laughs* No, not right now, I'm not dressed to fight, but I do have someone who has been dying to wrestle you. *looks back* 

Kim: *gets concerned and pics up her mic* 

Victoria: *comes out to the ramp* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: *fixes her belt onto her shoulder* 

Victoria: *walks down the ramp* 

Kim: *gets out of the ring and walks to the barricades* 

Victoria: *gets in the ring and staresdown at kim* 

Kim: *gets scared* 

Victoria: *steps out the ropes onto the apron* 

Kim: *jumps the barricades and runs thru the crowds* 

Victoria: *music plays and heads to the back* 

Kim: *walking fast backstage* 

Brie: Hey. 

Kim: *screams and flips out* 

Brie: You ok? 

Kim: I, I can't talk now, I, I have to go. 

Brie: What's going on? 

Kim: I just, I have to... *sees kane* 

Kane: On a run Kim? 

Brie: *turns around* I'll talk to you later. *walks off* 

Kim: Uh... I was um... 

Kane: You have a match tonight Kim, and you are facing the person you beated last night at Extreme Rules. This is a what should I call it? Oh right an Extreme Rules rematch. 

Kim: Rematch? Is, is my title on the line? 

Kane: We will see about that. 

Paige: *attacks kim from behind* 

Kim: *tumbles to the floor* 

Paige: *puts kim in the pto* 

Kim: *screaming* 

Refs: *pulling paige from kim* 

Paige: *grabs kims belt and leaves* 

(Later On) 

Paige: *comes out to the ring first with kims belt* 

Kim: *comes out next* 

Paige: *smiles in the ring with the belt* 

Kim: *walks to the ringside and grabs the mic* You want to take a cheat shot at me huh! Well guess what, I'm glad you did, now I get to unleash on you! *throws the mic and runs into the ring* 

Paige: *brawls with kim* 

Kim: *pushes paige over and beats down on her repeatedly* 

Ref: *pulls kim away* 

Kim: *pushes the ref and cont. beating down paige* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Kim: *cont. beating paige* 

Securities: *runs out and pulls kim away from paige* 

Kim: *quickly kicks paige in the head* 

Paige: *covers her head* 

Kim: *jerks away from the securities* 

Securities: *looks at kim ready to pull her away again* 

Kim: *looks at paige then the securities* Move! *gets out the ring and leaves to the back* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Kim: *wrestling against Alicia* 

Paige: *runs out the ring and attacks kim* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Kim: *brawls back with paige* 

Paige: *grabs kim by the hair and goes for a paige turner* 

Kim: *laid out on the mat* 

Paige: *grabs kims belt and smiles* 3 Weeks from now, I will see you at Payback. *puts kims belt down and leaves the ring* 


Paige: *comes out to the ring first* 

Kim: *walks out to the ring next* 

Paige: *attacks kim first* 

Kim: *trying to fight back* 

Paige: *knees kim* 

Kim: *holds onto her stomach* 

Paige: *knees kim in the face* 

Kim: *bustes her nose* 

Paige: *cont. beating on kim* 

Kim: *pushes paige* 

Paige: *runs back and kicks kim in the head* 

Kim: *lays on the mat covering her nose* 

Ref: *checking on kim* 

Paige: *grabs the title belt and leaves up the ramp* 

Ref: C'mon! *counts*  

Paige: *poses with the belt at the top of the ramp smiling* 

Ref: 9, 10! Ring the bell! 

Justin: And the winner of this match and still your divas champion, Kim! 

Paige: *gets mad and about to walk down the ramp* 

Victoria: *music hits and walks out to the ramp* 

Paige: *staredown with Victoria* 

Victoria: *walks down the ramp to the ring* 

Kim: *gets up and goes for a clothesline* 

Victoria: *ducks down and superkicks kim* 

Kim: *falls to the mat* 

Paige: *runs to the ring* 

Victoria: *goes for a widow's peak on kim* 

Kim: *out cold* 

Paige: *on the ropes about to get in* 

Victoria: *looks at paige* 

Paige: *smiles and gets down the ring and backs up to the ramp with the belt* 

Victoria: *looks down at kim and then leaves the ring* 

Cole: Wow, we've never seen Kim beaten down so badly. 

JBL: I'm sure she's fine, she's probably faking it. 

Jerry: C'mon JBL, have a heart for Kim.  

JBL: No! 

(The Next Night On RAW) 

Paige: *comes out to the ring with the divas title* I know, I know. I look better with the divas champion right? *smiles* Kim, it must have been embarrassing getting beat up by me last night that I busted your nose. *laughs* Oh, and not only that, but you also got attacked by Victoria last night as well. That widow's peak must have hurted. 

Kim: *walks out to the ramp with a mic* Well thanks for calling me out Paige. *smiles* I see you have my title up there with you, why don't you bring it here and hand it to me like a women. 

Paige: Hand it to you? Why don't you fight me for it. 

Kim: Paige, I don't think I need to prove anymore that I can beat you. I've beaten you so badly at Extreme Rules, should we go for round 3? I mean last night I won via count out. *laughs* 

Paige: *gets mad* 

Kim: I mean, if you seriously wanted that title, you would of pinned me 1,2... 3. But! You didn't, so hand it here. 

Paige: Kim look out! 

Kim: *turns around* 

Victoria: *hits kim with a kendo stick* 

Kim: *falls onto the ramp* 

Paige: *gets out the ring and runs half way and stops* 

Victoria: *grabs kim and puts her in another widow's peak* 

Kim: *laid out* 

Victoria: *looks at paige* 

Paige: *back away back to the ring* 

Victoria: *grabs kim by the hair and goes for a chokebomb off the ramp* 

Kim: *knocked out on the concrete down the ramp* 

Paramedics: *rushes out and checks on kim* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Paige: *comes out to the ring with Stephanie with the divas belt* 

Stephanie: We got the call that Kim will not be here tonight after RAW's incident. Matter of fact, Kim will be on this upcoming RAW to announce her update with us. So in honor of her tonight, Paige, if you can please hand me her title, she will be getting her title back. *looks paige in the eyes* What you've been doing is barbaric and you will no longer be getting another divas title for a while. Now get the hell out of my ring Paige! 

Paige: *about to cry* Please, let me have another shot. 

Stephanie: Out! 

Paige: *leaves the ring crying* 

Stephanie: Now, if this injury is serious, Kim will have to be strip from her divas title on Monday. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the show. *leaves* 


Kim: *walking backstage with her belt to the ring* 

Paige: *walks up to kim and looks at her* 

Kim: *gives paige a look* What do you want Paige. 

Paige: *smiles*  

Kim: *pushes paige to the ground and walks off* 

Stephanie: *walks to the ring first* Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Divas champion. 

Kim: *comes out to a big pop*  

Stephanie: *claps for kim* 

Kim: *gets in the ring and takes a mic* 

Stephanie: Go ahead Kim, the ring is all yours. *smiles and leaves the ring* 

Kim: *sighs* Last week on RAW, no last week at Payback, I was attacked by Victoria. And the next night on RAW, she again attacked me on the ramp and then putted me thru a chokebomb off the ramp. *closes her eyes and tries to calm down* Gosh, I hate her so much! I mean, it's great to have her back, but for what she's done to me! What did I do wrong to her! *screams in anger*  

Fans: *chants kims name* 

Kim: When she put me thru that widow's peak on the ramp, I heard something pop, and I knew, that this was it. My career is over. And little do you know, I was informed that I've torn my ACL and MCL and would have to get surgery this Thursday. *tries not to cry* And as for my divas title. *looks at it* I don't know how long I'll be out, or when I'll be back, but when I do come back. I'm coming for you Victoria! And for whoever is gonna be holding my divas title, be ready because I'm coming for it when I return. *drops her mic and gets out the ring* 


Stephanie: I hope your surgery and recovery goes well Kim. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Stephanie, and thank you for even letting me get another shot at this title. I mean, it wasn't long, but I really did enjoyed it too. *smiles* 

Stephanie: You're welcome, and have a safe trip home. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. *greets the other divas* 

Divas: *says their goodbyes* 

Kim: *leaves with dean*

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