WWE: Road To WrestleMania 2

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2014
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Road To WrestleMania; Kim has completed almost a year of her dream in the WWE as the Divas champion. Last night she defended her title at WrestleMania against Nikki and Natalya and retain. More down the path Kim get her next opponent... someone she never expected it to be. As her career goes on in her second run in WWE, Kim gets injured and makes her have second thoughts about leaving. Dean helps Kim fight and try to stay with the company.


2. $3.7 Million

Blake: *waiting at the airport with Melissa* 

Melissa: You think he'll like us? 

Blake: Never know, if he likes our daughter, I'm sure he'll like us too. 

Kim: *walks to the lobby with dean* 

Melissa: Oh my gosh! There she is Blake. 

Kim: *smiles and hugs Melissa then blake* I missed you two so much. 

Blake: We missed you too honey. *looks at dean and smiles* 

Dean: *smiles* It's nice to meet you Blake. 

Blake: It's an honor to meet you as my daughter's boyfriend. *laughs* 

Dean: Right? It's like you watch me on tv and then to know I'm dating your daughter, it's weird. 

Melissa: *smiles* Hello Dean. 

Dean: *smiles* Hi Melissa. 

Blake: Alright, let's get going. 

Fans 1: Dean! Dean Ambrose! 

Dean: *smiles at the fans and takes a few pics with them* 

Kim: Mom, you guys go ahead and go, we'll take a cab. Just take our stuff. 

Melissa: Alright. 

Fan 1: Kim! I made this for you. *smiles* 

Kim: *takes the gift and smiles* Thank you. *gives the fan a hug* 

Dean: Alright, I have to get going, thank you for the loves. *smiles and holds kims hand* Bye. *leaves with kim* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: Mom, you didn't have to make all this for Jon and I. 

Melissa: Jon? 

Dean: *chuckles* That's my real name, Jonathan Good. 

Blake: Oh, well we apologize for calling you Dean then Jonathan. 

Dean: No, it's all good, don't even worry Mr. Cordova. 

Blake: *getting up from his seat* Honey, you two can sleep in the guest room, your bed is probably too small for you two anyways. 

Dean: What? You sleep in a crib? *smiles* 

Kim: Very funny! *chuckles* No I sleep on a queen size. 

Dean: Yeah, then it'll fit us. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: *lays on the bed* 

Kim: Can you believe I'm gonna lose my title on Monday. 

Dean: What? You are. 

Kim: Yeah, and then I'm supposed to win it back at Extreme Rules. 

Dean: That's good, it's only 3 weeks from now. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. *cuddles next to dean* Hey, can we go house searching tomorrow? 

Dean: You want to look for a house? 

Kim: Yeah, but more in the private and Hollywood side. 

Dean: Yeah, we can do that. It's not like we have to leave right away, I mean we are, but that's not til Saturday. 

Kim: Yeah, I want to find a house by Friday. 

Dean: Ok. 

Kim: Thanks, you're the best babe. *smiles* 

Dean: *smiles* I know I am. 

(The Next Day) 

Blake: You want to look for a house? What's wrong with this one?  

Kim: Dad, I want a new house. 

Blake: A bigger house? Honey, you need to save that money. 

Kim: No! You don't get it dad, I'm moving out! Not you and mom live with me. I mean if I wanted you two to live with me, I would stay here still.  

Melissa: What's going on? 

Kim: Dean and I are gonna head towards Hollywood to look for a bigger house for me. Did you and dad want to come too? 

Melissa: Yeah, I want to see what house you're gonna get. 

Blake: I want us to all live here honey. 

Kim: Dad! I am moving out on my own!  

Blake: Why? 

Kim: Who cares, even if I'm not, I'm hardly home now too. 

Blake: Yeah, 330 plus days later we get to see you again. 

Kim: I know, I tried to come home, but the road was too busy for me. 

Dean: Yeah, it gets pretty busy when you're a top star. 

Blake: Yeah, you are honey, but if you really want this house, then ok. Let's go get it. 

Kim: I'm looking dad! Not getting one! Gosh! You guys can just stay. *walks off* 

Dean: Babe, why are you mad for? 

Kim: Because my father is being a dumb right now! It's like he's lost his mind over the times I've been away. *cries* It's like he's lost his mind or something. 

Dean: *pulls kim and hugs her* It's ok, c'mon, go tell them to get ready and let's get going. 

Estate Agent: This house is over 70,000 square feet. It has a top balcony view with 8 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. Also, in this living room, you can hide the ceiling fan with the buttons over here. *demonstrates* 

Kim: Wow, how much for this house? 

Estate Agent: Well if you want to rent it, it's around $2.4M and if you want to buy it, it's around $3.7M. 

Kim: Wow that is a lot. 

Blake: Do you have other houses for us to look at? 

Estate Agent: Yes, I have 3 more. 

Blake: Let's look there first. 

Estate Agent: Ok. 

Kim: *gives blake an upset look* 

Dean: I really like that house. 

Kim: I do too, but 3.7 that is way too much. 

Dean: Well let's see what other house she has for you. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Estate Agent: This house is 30,000 square feet, it has 5 bedrooms, and 4 baths, very open backyard where you can see the beach. 

Blake: How much? 

Estate Agent: $2.7M 

Blake: No, next one. 

Kim: *tries to not get mad* 

Estate Agent: Alright. *leaves to the next house* This place is 50,000 square feet, it has 7 bedrooms and 5 baths, very quiet place, lots of privacy as you can see with the gates around... 

Blake: How much for this place? 

Estate Agent: $1.8M. 

Blake: Next one. 

Estate Agent: This one is 20,000 square feet, has 5 bedroom and 5 baths... 

Blake: How much? 

Estate Agent: $980K. 

Blake: We'll take it. 

Estate Agent: Ok. 

Kim: No! I am the one buying a house dad! Not you ok! You already chose your dream house with mom before I was born! And it's the one you're living in right now! It's my turn now to choose, so back off! 

Blake: You want the other houses that are over millions! 

Kim: Just because you don't spend that much doesn't mean you can stop me ok! I've been saving and I get to spend it now that I'm on a short break. I worked hard for my money and I will use it on whatever the hell I want! 

Dean: Babe, calm down. 

Kim: I'm sorry, can we do this again tomorrow. 

Estate Agent: Yeah, we can. *smiles* 

Kim: Thanks. *walks off to the car* 

Blake: *slaps kim* You're getting this house and I don't care what you say you hear me! I raised you well and you will listen to me!  

Kim: Don't you ever put another hand on me because... I will break your arm off! 

Melissa: Kimberly! 

Dean: *kind of chuckles* 

Kim: You know what, I'm gonna go stay at a hotel tonight, so then tomorrow I can just leave to buy a house and then leave from there. *walks off* 

(Later That Night) 

Dean: Hey you alright? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm good now. 

Dean: Your dad can really be an ass huh? 

Kim: Yeah, now you know why I can't go home. I mean, I'm glad he allowed me to join WWE, but he's never been supportive or appreciated things for me.  

Dean: Really? 

Kim: Like he'll tell me, but you can tell his expressions, don't show it. 

Dean: Yeah, I saw that. 

Kim: Well let's get some rest, I want to get a house before we leave again. 

Dean: What house did you had in mind? 

Kim: I mean the last one was nice too and was the cheapest, but it's not the one I want. 

Dean: Then which one? 

Kim: I really liked the first one. 

Dean: That's a lot Kim. *sits down* 

Kim: I'm gonna get it, I don't care if it's 3.7, I'll get a more expensive one if I had to also. 

Dean: Ok, that's fine, I'll help pay for it too yeah? 

Kim: Jon, you have your house already. You paid a lot for it too. 

Dean: I know, but still. 

Kim: I got it. *kisses dean* Thanks tho. 

(The Next Day) 

Estate Agent: Ok, so we're gonna go with the $3.7M one then. 

Kim: Yes. 

Estate Agent: Alright, just sign a few signatures here and there, and we'll be good to go. 

Kim: *signs a few papers* 

Estate Agent: Is that your boyfriend? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Estate Agent: Did you want him to co-sign too? 

Kim: *looks at dean* Um... I don't know. 

Estate Agent: Just in case something happens to you, you can take over and you won't lose the house and your things. 

Kim: Can you give us some privacy first? 

Estate Agent: Sure.  

Kim: *leaves first* 

Dean: What? 

Kim: Do you want to co-sign? 

Dean: Do you want me to? 

Kim: I don't know what if we break up one day and then I lose my job and then the house and everything goes to you. 

Dean: I'm not gonna take it Kim. It's yours, I have mine already. 

Kim: Yeah, but what if it was an ugly break up? 

Dean: We'll remain friends. 

Kim: It's ok, if I lose it, I lose it, it's all good, I can always get a new one. 

Dean: Alright. 

Estate Agent: Alright, did we make up our minds? 

Dean: I'm not gonna co-sign. 

Estate Agent: Ok then. *cont. talking* Alright, so the house is all yours, you will get to move in next week, here's your keys and an extra in case. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Estate Agent: Alright, thank you and hope you enjoy your place. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. *leaves with dean*

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