What happens when superstar Luke Hemmings falls for his biggest fan, Michael Clifford while he is dating his band mate, Skylar Macabee? Will Skylar ever forgive Luke? Will Fallen Angels break up or will Luke just quit?


1. He asked me out!

Luke's POV

The concert had just ended. I was on tour with my band, Fallen Angels. We're pretty big in the U.S. and in the U.K. My band was in the dressing room. I was thinking of all the fans that were gonna come to meet us backstage.

"The fans are coming backstage, now. Guys, get ready," I said.

The rest of the band: Skylar, Ashton, and Cameron gathered in the place where we met our fans. First, there were two girls who I'd say were quite attractive if I wasn't gay. They only had one flaw: insanity.

The girls walked in. "OH MY GODDD!!!!! IT'S LUKE HEMMINGS!!!!!!! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE MUST MARRY hME!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!!" the blonde girl screamed.

I backed up a bit. "Hello, what's your names?" I asked in a scared voice.

"I'm Meredith and this is Sabrina," said the red head.

"WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" Sabrina asked.

"No, I'm sorry but I'm gay and i like boys not girls," I told her.

I smacked Cameron. My band was laughing because of the girls.

Then, the bodyguard escorted the ladies off of backstage.

Then a boy with bright red hair and a boy with black hair. They walked slowly walked in and walked up to me.

"Hi, my name is Michael and this is my friend, Calum," said the boy with red hair.

"Cool, I'm sure you know who I am," I said

"Yeah, you're Luke Hemmings. The lead singer in Fallen Angels. I'm a huge fan of you," said Michael.

"I'm just gonna go talk to your other ban d mates and leave Michael here with you," said Calum.

"Hi." the boy said to me.

"Hey." I responded.

"So, you're gay?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Yeah, pretty gay."

"Okay,  but I'd say you're pretty and gay."


"Yeah. Hey, since we're two extremely gay guys, I think we should go out to dinner."

"As a date?"

"Duh, what else would it be? Us hanging out as friends?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much what normal people do."

"And who said I'm normal?"


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