How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


3. A/N

          Hey guys. So I decided that I would tell you what their powers are. If you get an idea of another power you want one or all of them to have please comment what the power is and who you would like to have that power.


   Luke: control elements, control weather, shape shifting, force field, and control nature.

special ability- super smart

   Michael: healing, stretching, mind control, cloning, and binding.

special ability- visions

  Ashton: teleporting, invisibility, strength, speed, and control ice.

special ability- super hearing and smell

  Calum: read minds, telekinesis, controlling metal, control sound waves, and plasma beams.

special ability- ninja skills

  All: flying, laser eyes, x-ray vision, feel emotions (empathy)


  ok, these are the powers that they have right now. if you can come up with any more powers give the name of the power and who you think should have that power.


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