How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


9. 8

Calum's POV

   It has been two months since Michael had his vision. We were constantly on the lookout for any attacks. After he had his vision, we were constantly alert all the time. Michael has been stuck by Luke ever since the vision. He literally would not let Luke leave his side.

   Everything was going fine until today. We all had decided to go out for the day and possibly meet some fans. It was going good until we went to the mall. We were walking through the mall, just trying to enjoy a little bit of this vacation before our life got any more crazier.

   "Where are we going to go for lunch?" Luke asked.

   "Lets grab pizza" Michael said excitedly. I rolled my eyes and nodded, along with the others. When we got to the pizza place, I noticed a man dressed in all black watching us intently. I felt fear in the air and knew that the other three also noticed the strange man. I looked at the others and noticed that Michael's eyes went blank.

   Must be having another vision. I waved my hand in front of his face and his eyes went back to normal.

   "We have to get out of here now" Michael whispered in a panicked voice. By the way his voice sounded, I could tell it was something bad.

   We all turned around to leave, but we were stopped by another man in a black suit. We took a step back and I ended up bumping into Luke, knocking him down. Michael helped Luke up and wrapped his arms around him protectively.

   "What do you want from us?" Ashton asked, stepping in front of all of us.

   "Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings. We are government agents and we need you four to come with us" One of them said.

   "Why? What did we do?" Luke asked.

   "The owner of Richmond hotel saw one of you do something abnormal. We are here so we can take him into our custody" The other man stated.

   "What abnormal thing did he see him do?" I asked nervously.

   "He saw him turn into a cat" The first man said, pointing at Luke. We all turned our attention to Luke just as he turned into a scared looking puppy. Shit.

   "So the hotel owner wasn't lying, he really can shape shift. Now he definitely needs to come with us" The second man said.

   "You can't take Luke, he didn't do anything wrong" Michael said angrily. His gaze was on the first guy.

   "Michael, if you don't calm down, you are going to use your powers" I told him through my mind. He instantly calmed down and picked up Luke, who was still a puppy.

   "You three are to hand us the shifter and we will be on our way" The first guy said.

   "We are not handing Luke over to you. All you guys are going to do is experiment on him. We are not going to allow you to run any tests on our friend" Ashton said. Michael smirked and grabbed my hand and I grabbed Ashton's.

   Ashton smiled when he realized what the plan was. He closed his eyes and teleported all of us back to the house.

   Luke turned human and smiled sheepishly.

   "Explain" Ashton ordered, his voice firm.

   "It was an accident. I was in the hallway heading back to our room when a door opened suddenly. It scared me so bad that I ended up shifting into a kitten" Luke explained.

   "When did this happen?" I asked.

   "About a week after we found out about our powers" He replied.

   "Great. First we have an evil scientist that wants to destroy us and now we have government agents after us" Ashton said, going into panic mode.

   "Calm down Ashton, We will find a way out of this mess" Michael said. Ashton just nodded and went into the kitchen, probably to get a glass of water and calm down even more.

   We are going to have so much trouble getting out of the mess we are in.

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