How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


8. 7

Michael's POV

   "Okay, the good news is that we got away. The bad news is that he is tough. He just looked at Luke and he was under Dr. Scar's control" Ashton said. We were all sitting back at the house.

   "I think we should practice some more. We need to learn how to block him from getting into our minds" I said. They all nodded in agreement. We all got up and went down to the barn. I watched as Luke turned into a dog then back to normal. He continued to turn into animals and back to normal, changing shape faster each time. Damn, he looks so fucking hot.

   "Tell him how you feel" I heard Calum say in my mind. Fuck, that scared me. I heard Calum bust out laughing and glared at him.

   "Shut the fuck up Calum" I thought back to him. When he didn't answer, I looked at him and saw him staring at something in confusion. I followed his eyes and saw a penguin where Luke was standing moments before. Are you fucking kidding me?  I saw Ashton shoot ice at the ground and Luke started to belly slide on it. He slid all the way to me and Calum and then turned back to normal.

   "I've always wanted to do that" Luke said, wiping the ice off his shirt.

   "I question how you are the smart one" I said. Luke playfully glared at me.

   "Don't question my smartness" Luke replied smiling. I rolled my eyes at his childness.

   "I think we should get back to training. We need to be at the top of our game in order to defeat Dr. Scar" Calum said. We all nodded and partnered up. Ashton and Calum were against each other, which left me with Luke. Shit. They so planned that.

   "Ok, the first one that gets knocked out loses. Michael, you are healing us when this is over" Ashton said. I nodded and turned my attention back to Luke. Right before I could do anything, I froze. My mind shutdown and images flew before me. I saw Ashton getting attacked, Calum fighting a shadowy figure, and Luke was laying on the ground motionless. I was running towards him when he was picked up and put inside some type of robot. Then, everything went back to normal. I saw everyone staring at me with a worried look on their faces.

   "Michael, are you okay? You kind of zoned out there for a minute" Luke said.

   "I think I just had some sort of vision" I said. They all stared at me.

   "Tell us what you saw in this vision" Ashton said.

   "We were in battle. I saw Ashton get attacked by something that looked like an eagle with three heads. Calum was fighting a shadowy figure. I didn't really see what it looked like. Luke was laying on the ground. I think he was passed out. I was running towards Luke, probably going to heal him. Before I got to him, a metal arm picked him up and put him in some type of robotic machine. The vision ended after that" I explained. They all looked at me in shock.

   "Michael, that might be what happens in the future. It sounds like he really is after you Luke" Ashton said, looking at Luke.

   "Ok listen. By the looks of it, Dr. Scar is going to kidnap Luke. We have to find a way to stop Michael's vision from happening" Calum said. We all looked at him in confusion.

   "How do you suggest we do that? We can't simply walk up to Dr. Scar and ask him not to kidnap Luke" I said angrily.

   "Michael, can you please calm down. I'll be fine. I have three amazing friends that can help me" Luke said to me. I looked at him and smiled.

   "Let's not worry about it right now. We need to be able to use our powers whenever we need them, without being caught" Ashton said. We all nodded a got back to practicing. Luke shot fire at me which I dodged. I flew up in the air and stretched my arms, wrapping them around Luke. He smirked and before I knew what was happening, I was covered in water. I landed on the ground and shivered. This water is fucking cold. I heard the others laughing, causing me to glare at them.

   "It's not funny" I said as Luke wrapped a towel around me

   "Lets take a break. We've already been training for three hours" Luke said. the others nodded in agreement and we all went into the barn to eat.

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