How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


7. 6

Luke's POV

   It has been 2 months since we had got our powers and since then we had gained a lot of control over them. We still go to the barn everyday so we can get better with our powers. Right now we were all sitting in a house that was really close to the barn. It is hidden and we basically live here now. We showed management our powers and they said we had to keep them hidden. Management were the ones that found the house we are in. This house has a lot of things that you would find in a headquarters.

   "Hey Luke, there is an incoming message coming in on the watch screen" Calum said, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at the screen and saw it blinking a bright red color. It took us two weeks to figure out how to work all of these machines. I walked up to the screen and tapped it. Instantly a man with a scar over his left eye.

   "Um... who are you?" Ashton asked, staring at the screen suspiciously. The man just laughed and held his hand in front of the screen. Instantly, a ball off light appeared in his hand. We all stared at the screen in shock.

   "Hello boys, I am Dr. Scar and I am here to inform you that you made a huge mistake when you went into the power room" The man said. We all looked at him in confusion.

   "How did you know about that" I asked, stepping up to the screen. Dr. Scar let out a dark and evil laugh. It sounded so cold and heartless.

   "You fool, I was there and I was the one that made that chemical" Dr. Scar said angrily. I looked at him and knew that he was evil. 

    "Why did you make something that can give you powers?" Michael asked. Dr. Scar just laughed coldly and looked at Michael.

   "I am going to create a new world. But, to do that, I need to get rid of this old world. The only way to do that is to destroy this world and make a new one where I am the leader and all of you serve me. I would have a perfect job for you Luke" Dr. Scar said. After that the screen went dark and everyone turned around and stared at me.

   "Well, it looks like you were right Luke. We do have a super villain and I think we all know what he means by that" Michael said, giving me a hug. Ok, I am really worried right now. If he ends up as the leader, then he will put us into slavery and use me as his personal sex slave. The only one that I want to have sex with is Michael, but don't tell him I said that.

   "OK, I won't tell him" I heard Calum say in my head. I instantly felt my cheeks turn red. Damn it Calum. I turned around and glared at him when I saw him smiling.

   "What are we going to do? We haven't even stopped a bank robbery. How are we going to go up against someone that plans on taking over the world?" Ashton said. "Plus, this guy is planning on enslaving us and using Luke as a personal sex toy."

   "Calm down Ashton, you aren't making things any better" Calum said, giving Ashton a hug. I looked at Michael and saw that he was staring at me. I quickly looked away blushing.

   "Ok, I'll see if I can trace where the call came from" I said, getting on my computer. Everyone gathered around me as I logged into the system. After about five minutes, I had the coordinates from where the call came from.

   "I will download the coordinates to my phone and then we can go. It will only take a minute" I said. I quickly plugged my phone into the computer and pressed download. 2 minutes later all of the coordinates are downloaded into my phone. I put my phone in my pocket and all of us took off flying. Once we were hidden by the clouds, I pulled out my phone and looked at the directions. After flying for about thirty minutes, we finally arrived at our destination; which happened to be an abandoned warehouse. I used the wind to make everyone land quietly on the roof.

   "Boss, what makes you think they will come" A voice said from below. We all stopped walking and started to listen to the conversation below us.

   "They will come. I know for a fact that they won't miss an opportunity to test their powers in a fight" Dr. Scar said. We all looked at each other in worry. We have to get back to the house before he notices us.

   "It is too late for that" A voice said from behind us. We turned around quickly and saw Dr. Scar standing behind us.

   "You can read minds too, can't you" Calum asked. Scar just smirked and nodded his head.

   "Now, you boys are going to come along peacefully or we will take you by force" Dr. Scar said, looking straight at me. I instantly felt all my willpower leave me.

Ashton's POV

   I looked at Luke and saw his eyes turn a lighter shade of blue. I looked at the others and saw them all staring at Luke in worry.

   "Luke, come here" Dr. Scar said. Luke instantly walked over and stood beside Dr. Scar. Shit, Dr. Scar has Luke under his control.

   "Luke, attack them" Dr. Scar said, pointing at us. Uh-Oh. Luke held out his hands and they ignited into flames. He shot the fire at us but we flew into the air. He flew up too and shot fire at Michael. The fire came too fast and ended up hitting him in the arm. Michael screamed out in pain and I noticed Luke close his eyes tightly.

   "Don't just float around, get them" Dr. Scar shouted at Luke, causing his eyes to shoot open.

   "Luke, before you do anything, think real hard. We are your best friends. Would you really hurt us?" I said, trying to reason with him. I could feel his confusion and I could also feel his concern. I followed his eyes and saw that he was staring at Michael.

   "Don't listen to him. You work for me" Dr. Scar said. Suddenly I felt pain. I looked at the others and saw that they felt it too. I turned my attention back to Luke and saw him holding his head. I quickly turned to Scar and shot ice at him. He fell to the ground and I saw Luke's eyes turn back to normal. He quickly ran over to Michael and knelt down beside him.

   "I am so sorry Michael. I didn't mean to hurt you" Luke said with tears rolling down his cheeks.

   "Luke, it's okay. I can heal myself so I'm fine" Michael said, showing Luke his healed arm.

   "Hey guys, let's leave before he wakes up" I said. The others looked at me and nodded. We quickly got up and flew off towards the house. We are going to have trouble with Dr. Scar.

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