How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


5. 4

Calum's POV

   I am so glad that I found this place. It is literally the perfect place for us to practice our powers. Right now Ashton is trying to turn invisible again. We made a chart so we could write down what powers we have when we figure them out. All of a sudden, the sky starts to fill with storm clouds. I look at the other boys and see an angry look on Luke's face.

  "Luke, what are you mad about" I asked, walking over to him. Luke looks at me and I literally see a fire in his eyes.

   "There are so many people that are hurting the planet out there" Luke replied, clenching his fist. All of a sudden, it started to rain. I look at Luke in confusion.

   "Luke, calm down we will stop the people from hurting this planet as soon as we find all our powers" I said, patting his back. he slowly calmed down and so did the storm. I look at Luke in amazement along with the other boys.

  "Luke, you can control the weather" Michael said, giving Luke a hug.

   "Now I see what you mean" I heard Ashton think. I slowly nodded at him and then continued to stare at Michael and Luke.

  "So do you agree with me that we so need to hook them up" I asked him through my mind. I look at him and see that he is nodding. I turned my attention back to Luke.

  "Luke, I need you to tell me what made you start defending the earth" I said, grabbing his arm and making him look at me.

  "I just feel connected to the earth and all of the beautiful plants that are on it" Luke said in a dreamy tone of voice. We all stared at him weirdly.

   "What do you mean you feel connected to the Earth" Michael asked. There was confusion in his eyes.

   "Well, I feel like I am one with nature" Luke said, smiling at us. He pointed at a flower as a demonstration and it started to grow. Luke looked from the plant to his hand, puzzled. We all just smiled at him again.

   "What" Luke asked, looking confused.

   "Controlling nature" Ashton said. Luke looked at us in confusion.

   "You have the power to control nature" Michael said. The look on Luke's face told us that he was shocked.

   "I am going to try something" Luke said, running over to the lake. We all ran after him to see what he was up to. We all look at Luke and see him pointing at the water. I look at the others in confusion but they only shrug. I look back at Luke a see the water moving. I keep watching until I see the water get lifted into the air about twenty feet high.

   "Cool, that is two of the elements. Try the other two" Michael said, smiling at Luke, causing me to roll my eyes. I swear it is so hard to believe that they actually used to hate each other. Luke nodded and soon a gust of air lifts Michael into the air, causing me and Ashton to burst out laughing.

   "Ahhh, Hemmings, put me down right now" Michael shouted. I looked over at Luke and saw him smirking and glancing at the lake. I bit my lip to hold back a laugh because I knew what Luke was planning. Before any one knew it, Michael was soaking wet and Luke was laughing his ass off. Michael glared at Luke, but I could see the smile on his face

   "Try the final element" Ashton squealed, getting a little too excited about Luke's powers. Luke pointed at a piece of the ground and instantly a huge chunk of it lifted into the air.

   "Ok. So far we found out that you can control weather, control the elements, and control plants; I wonder what else you can do" Michael said, causing Luke to blush. Then, out of nowhere, an ostrich appeared where Luke has been standing and put its head in the ground. We all look at the ostrich in confusion. Where the hell did the Ostrich come from? Also, where the fuck did Luke go?

   "LUKE" I shouted, and the Ostrich instantly looked up and straight at me, as if I called it. We all stared at the ostrich until suddenly, Luke was standing right where it used to be. Suddenly, realization hit me. Shape shifting.

   "Shape shifting?" Mikey asked in confusion.

    "Oh Shit, did I say that out loud?" I asked, blushing in embarrassment. They all nodded and stared at me.

   "Luke has shape shifting. That is the only explanation. How else could an ostrich get here and leave that quick" I explained. Everybody nodded in agreement.

   "The thing I want to know is why the hell did you turn into an ostrich Luke" Ashton asked. Luke blushed and stared at the ground.

   "I was thinking about how lucky ostriches are because they can hide when they are scared or something like that" Luke explained shyly. We all just smiled because, lets face it, Luke is adorable when he is shy. We all started to walk back to the barn when suddenly something came flying straight at Luke. Luke put his hands up in defense and a purple bubble appeared around him; Causing the thing, which happened to be a bat, to bounce off. We all stared at him in shock. He opened his eyes and put his hands down, causing the bubble to disappear.

   "Force field" Mikey, Ash, and I said, staring at Luke in amazement. Time for our lives to change forever.


   A/N: Hey guys. So I decided that I am only doing the details of Luke's powers. This is because it will take too long to do the details for the others. I chose to do the details for Luke because he is one sexy ass motherfucker. Sorry for my foul language but its true. Anyway, the next chapter will contain details of them training. They all know their powers and are practicing on controlling them.

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