How Did This Happen (5SOS gay superheroes)

5 seconds of summer is just your everyday band until one day their lives change forever.


4. 3

Ashton's POV

   We were all sitting in Luke's room thinking about what powers we may have. Luke was constantly throwing a fireball up in the air and catching it. We were all just staring at Luke playing with fire.

   "Hey guys, I know a place where we can train and find out what other powers we may have" Calum said, sitting up quickly. Michael jumped up and ended up floating in mid-air. We all stared at him and bust out laughing.

   "Its not funny, help me get down" Michael whined, causing us to laugh even harder. Luke got up and helped Michael get back on the ground.

  "You know they like each other right. That is why they are always so close and why Luke was the one that helped Mikey" I heard Calum say in my head. That will always be creepy.

  "Looks like we need to get them together" I thought back to him. I looked at him and he nodded.

   "Well, are we going to go to the place that Calum said we can practice or not" I said, getting everyone's attention. They all nodded and we followed Calum out of the hotel and into the woods that were behind the hotel. About ten minutes later we arrived in an opened field where there was an abandoned barn to one side and a lake to the other.

   "This place is perfect Cal. How did you find it?" I asked, looking around.

   "I went to explore the woods one day and came across this place" Calum said casually. I just nodded and started running towards the barn. Next thing I know, I'm standing beside the barn and the others are still at the end of the woods staring at me in shock. they quickly ran up to me and they were all smiling at me.

  "What" I asked in confusion.

  "You have super speed" they all said at the same time. I stared at them in shock.

  "R-really" I asked still shocked. They all nodded their heads still smiling like crazy people, which they are.

  "Well, lets start training" I said. They all nodded their heads and we all went inside of the barn house. I cant wait to see what powers each of us have.

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