I Tried

17 year old Lola Hemmings tries her best to handle this crazy journey she calls life. She has a lot of struggles though. Her brother Luke Hemmings and the 5SOS boys try their best to help. (Hope you guys enjoy!)


4. The Voice

"WAKE UP!!!!" I hear somebody scream into my ear! "Leave me alone! Can't a girl get her beauty sleep?" I say half asleep.

Now somebody is shaking me. I open my eyes to see that Ashton is was the one who told me to wake up and now is shaking me.

"Alright, alright I'm up god damn it!" I say as I walk to my bathroom. "I'm going to go take a shower."

"Ok, breakfast should be ready by then." Ashton says as he walks out of the room. I roll my eyes and hope into the shower with a blade in my hand.

I'm hesitant when the blade reaches my hips. Oh come on honey make a cut! You know you deserve it for what you put them through last night. Making everyone worry about you. Says the annoying little voice. She is right I deserve this. I make nine more cuts on each side of my hip. Then, I hop out of the shower and get ready.

Once I'm ready I walk down stairs, into the kitchen and announce I'm going for a walk. Maybe this will get me out of eating.

I start walking out of the kitchen, when I hear Luke say, "You can eat first, then go on your walk. What we're having is really good, homemade biscuits and gravy. Mom made them before dad and her left to grandma's house."

Just agree with him Lola. After you're done eating go puke it up. Fat lard! Even though I hate that god damn voice, she is right I can just eat to make everyone happy and then go puke it up. "Okay, it sounds delicious!" I say with the most non-fake sounding happiness I can come up with.

I finish eating and tell everyone I'm going to use the restroom. Once I'm in there I use my old toothbrush and stick it up my throat and start to puke. Don't you feel better? I know you do, but just because you puked this one time doesn't mean your skinny! Your still a fat ass! You need to work harder if you want to be perfect! Oh god, why does it always have to be right?

I get out my blade and I start cutting my legs. This time I'm not hesitant.

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