I Tried

17 year old Lola Hemmings tries her best to handle this crazy journey she calls life. She has a lot of struggles though. Her brother Luke Hemmings and the 5SOS boys try their best to help. (Hope you guys enjoy!)


13. The Truth

Lola's POV

I wake up in Calum's arms. He says he loves me and that he never wants to lose me. OHMIGOD CALUM HOOD SAID HE LOVED ME! THIS CANNOT BE TRUE. Why would someone so perfect and beautiful love me?

I hear Calum yell for Luke to come up, that I'm awake. Luke walks in and tells Calum to get out so he can talk to me alone. He sounds like he has been crying. Why do I have to make everyone cry?

Luke lays down on the bed and holds me in his arms, he doesn't let go. It's quite for a minute until Luke says; "Never do that again."

"I'm sorry Luke. I will never do it again. You saved my life, you're the best big brother a sister could ask for. I'm so s-sorry!" I say choking on the last word.

"You need to tell me why Lola." Luke says starting to cry.

"I did it because I feel like I'm worthless. That I'm just bringing everyone down, especially you. I'm fat lard that is a lunatic. I also hear this voice in my head that tells me to do things, and I do them. God I'm such a fucking idiot!" I tell him.

"Lola. You need help. I'm not so sure if the boys and I can help you anymore. I'm sorry but I'm sending you away. I'm doing this for your own good. I love you." He cries.

I was about to argue but then instead all I say is; "I love you too."

"I will start packing for you, well you go say goodbye to the others." Luke says. "Okay." I reply.

I go say my goodbyes to Ashton and Michael. Then, I go find Calum in the kitchen, and tell him that we need to talk.

Once we get up to his room I look into his beautiful brown eyes, and tell him; "I'm going to a mental hospital." He's speechless.

So he starts to kiss me. Oh how he kiss me soft and slowly, giving me goosebumps all over. He pulls away and says; "I love you. I loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. You're beautiful. This isn't goodbye." He says. "I love you too." I tell him as I pull him in for another kiss.

When we finished we go outside where everyone else is. I say my last "goodbyes," and hop in the car where Luke is waiting.

As we drive away Luke's ask me; "Are you ready?"

"Yes. I want to get better." I say as I look out of the car window.

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