I Tried

17 year old Lola Hemmings tries her best to handle this crazy journey she calls life. She has a lot of struggles though. Her brother Luke Hemmings and the 5SOS boys try their best to help. (Hope you guys enjoy!)


12. Don't Die

Luke's POV

I walk in the kitchen and am shocked to what I see. I see my dying little sister on the ground. "ASHTON, MICHAEL, CALUM! SHE IS IN HERE HURRY UP! BRING BANDAGES!" I scream as I am bawling my eyes out.

I start to grab rags, and put pressure where it's bleeding. Which is in multiple places. How could I let this happen? How could I be so stupid to leave her home alone?

Calum, Ashton, and Michael walk in, in shock. "Don't just stand there! Come and help me!" I scream to them.

Calum's POV

When I walk in I start to bawl. I can't stand to see someone so beautiful, someone so perfect, someone so amazing like this. I love this girl!

I hear Luke scream at us and tell us to come help. I hand Luke the bandages so he can start bandaging her right arm, well I get her left.

Ashton and Michael check her pulse. They give us a thumbs up signaling us that she is still breathing.

I make sure I wrap her arm up pretty tight. So it will have as much pressure on it as possible. When she is done getting bandaged up, Luke is freaking out. He is now having a panic attack of his own.

Michael and Ashton help out Luke, while I take Lola up to my room. I lay beside her and don't take my eyes away. How could I?

It's been twenty minutes since I took her up to my room. I start to think that I should call 911, until I see her beautiful eyes open. "LOLA!" I scream. "Lola I love you so much! I never want to lose you!" I say crying.

"What happened." She says so innocently. "You're gonna be okay I promise." I tell her.

"LUKE GET UP HERE SHE IS AWAKE!" I scream to Luke who is downstairs.

Luke's POV

I hear Calum say Lola's awake. So I run upstairs to find Lola in Calum's arms, and I've never been happier.

Thank god.

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