End up here

Ella, a young book librarian, she wasn't late, like never, but today for some reason she wanted to get coffee, little did she know her small trip to the coffee shop would change her life.

all rights reserved © paleclifford


1. one

hi this is my first story and I really hope you enjoy it! My name's Melissa but I prefer Meli and you can find me on twitter @melitabares_ and on Instagram @kawaiipayne so enjoy the story and please review if you want to, have a nice day (:


Mondays were always dreadful, no matter what you were doing the day they were the worst. I had set about seven alarms and I only managed to wake up two minutes before my last alarm rang.

Shutting it off, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put on a knitted sweater and a skirt along with some legging and boots, while trying to untangle my hair. I finished doing my hair with ended up becoming a messy ponytail. I mean I didn't really need to impress anyone anyways.

I went into the kitchen noticing I had no more coffee left, great I'm late as it is. Grabbing my book bag and keys I left the apartment. The book store wasn't too far away so I only had to walk faster. I walked a bit faster until I stopped in front of an old coffee shop.

There weren't many people only a few. I decided to go in and order a coffee. I ended up ordering a small coffee and two small sized muffins. I turned around too quickly and crashed straight into someone,“oh gosh, I'm so sorry.” I looked up to see a guy, blushing from embarrassment I muttered an 'it's ok' and tried to hurry out of the store. I hated being late it just meant you were unprofessional, at least that's what I was told.

Entering the book shop I turned over the 'open' sign and opened the door only to close it since it started to sprinkle outside. Hardly anyone came in sometimes just old people. I liked the quiet and peace something I never got with my parents.

The door bell jingled someone came in I was drinking my coffee at my desk and began to eat my muffin until the same guy I bumped into dropped his coat on the floor, “I wanted to say sorry for almost spilling your coffee.” I looked up closing my book cracking a small smile. “It's okay it was an accident.”

He smiled back and leaned onto the counter,“let me make it up to you.” I was at a loss for words. “I barely know you, for all I know you could kidnap me.” He chuckled,“I would never, what time do you get out of work?” I sat up, “I close at seven.”

“I'll see you at seven then.”

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