Summer love -Justin Bieber fanfiction-


1. Summer Love

"Mom... When are we driving to the airport?" I ask from my room. I sit on my bed with Justin Bieber pillows and blankets. If you haven't noticed I'm a Belieber. I've been here for Justin since 2009. Justin and I have the same age. I'm 17. Today is the day I'm visiting my family in Canada. I don't know what city yet, but I'm figuring that out soon.

My family on my mothers side are from Denmark but my family on my fathers side are from Canada. I have uncles with their wifes and cousins that lives in Justin's hometown Stratford, ON. In 2009 when he started singing on the streets, were they some of the audience that recorded him, and in the movie Never Say Never is my dad's sister saying "he is gonna be a superstar someday". That is so nice to think of. I also have uncles with their wifes and cousins that lives in LA and in NY in USA.

I take my sunglasses on and my bag over my shoulder. In my bag have I my my canon camera, my iPad, my Beats by Dre studio in white, my iPhone and my books "Divergent" and "The Fault In Our Stars".

"Yn.... Come on we are driving now..." It was my dad. I hurry up and I walk downstairs to the fact and put my bags inside the car. I sit on the backseat and put my earphones on. We drive to the airport.

There is a lot of flights that are flying at the airport. I take my bags and wal inside to the check in. I walk thought security and the check in. The flight I'm leaving with is getting called over the speachers. Me and my family walks over to the flight, we get our seats and the flight has take off.

Thought the flight am I listening to Justin's music while I'm reading my books.

The flight is already landing. I felt like the 8 hours of the trip only took 1 hour. I think it's because I read all the way over to Canada. The airport in Toronto is so big. There is so many shops. I get my bags and walk straight to my favorite store. It's called American Apperial. I love this store. All of my cloth is from that store. It's the only cloth I buy. It's amazing. I love it. I buy some shorts and some tops. Then I walk over to my family. We get out to the borrowed car and we pack our bags in the car.

Mom is driving this time. Dad is sleeping next to mom. I'm sitting in the back listening to music. The Toronto streets gets empty and we are driving out of town. I know this way. I thought to myself Oh my God! We are going to Stratford!

After one hour of driving is the famous sight Stratford. A big smile is on my lips. We drive over to out family here. We are going to stay in Stratford for the whole trip. It's amazing.

Mom parks the car outside their house. I open my door and I get out. I go up to my aunt and uncle and greet them. They greet back and they help us inside the house with our bags. I get a room by myself. In the room is there a empty closet and a queen sized bed. I pack my things out and put it in my closet. I take off my Supras and put them next to the door out of my room. I close the door and I go to bed. I fall fast asleep. It's 12.00 am.

10.00 am. The sun is shining me in the head. I cover up under my duvet. Suddenly is there a person that threw the duvet off me and start laughing. I try to cover me up but I'm too tired. I slowly open my eyes and see it's my cousin Ryan... I smile big and hug him. "Ryaaaan.... Long time no see... Please give me my duvet" I say in a happy but tired tone. He smile big and hug back " Yyyynnnn.... Yeah it's a long time since we met last time. I've missed you girl. How are you? Is there any boys?" He asks with a big smile. You maybe know Ryan as Ryan Butler but he s my cousin. I smile and laugh a bit" there is no boys... I'm good thank you" after a little time of silence am I saying " so... Why are you in here Ry? " he smile big. " I need to tell you a secret..." He says. I nod my head yes for him to keep going. " well... I know you love Justin Bieber a lot... Well my secret is that I'm his best friend.... And ummh... He is coming over later today..." He says. I dropped my mouth and was smiling so much. " you are what with who? How? When? Why didn't you tell me before?" He laugh a bit but stopped before saying" since 1st grade. Remember I love you" he says and hug me. I hug back." Yn get dressed... I'm going to show you aroind in town." He says and walks out of the room. I lock my door and get dressed in a cute top and a pair of skinny jeans and my Supras. I take a black snapback on and spay my favorite perfume on. I curl my hair and let it be wavy. I walk out the room and out in the living room where everyone else is. "Morning guys" I say and walk out in the kitchen. I take the rest of the scramble eggs and the bacon and go over to the table. I eat it fast and wash up after me, and put it on place. I see Ryan get in the kitchen. "You ready?" He asks. I nod in a yes, he smiles and we walk outside the house.

"Let's skateboard around in town. It's the fastest was around" he says. I smile big and get a purple penny board. I love 'em.

We drive around town and to the stores. " Ryan... Can we please go to the music store? I need a cd from there?" I ask. He nod a yes. We drive over there and walk in. There is a big section with Justin Bieber merchandise. I run over there and look at the stuff. I get a cap with SWAGGY on it, a keychain, a new released book, 2 posters, 2 new released CDs, a few shirts, tour books and a lot of other things. I walk up and pay for the stuff. On the way out I bump in to a guy with sunglasses, a cap and Supras on. I fall down to the floor. I look up in to his glasses. He helps me up from the floor and smile. He takes off his sunglasses and say " I'm so sorry. Are you okay.?" I smile and see it's Justin. " I'm okay. Thank you for helping me up from the floor." He smile " I hope to see you around" " I hope to see you around too. Have a good day. I need to go now, my cousin is waiting on me. I hope he is not mad" I whispered the last part. Justin smiles, the same did I, and I walk out to Ryan. He smile big and we skate around the town a few more hours. I keep thinking about Justin. He is so sweet. His eyes are amazing. I want to hug him. I'm lost in my thoughts but them I hear Ryan say my name. "Yo yn we are home. You've been standing like that in 5 minutes. Are you okay? " he asks. I smile and nod. " yeah I'm okay. I just thought of the dude I bumped in to earlier today. He was so sweet. " I smile big. Ryan smile and we walk inside. I go to the room and unpack my merchandisers. I put the posters on the wall and changed to one of the Justin shirts. I turn on my star track list on spotify, with almost only Justin music. There was also Miley, Selena and Demi music. I dance around while makeing the room look good.

The doorbell rings and Ryan opens the door. Then there was a deep male voice that says " aya Ryan... Hey buddy... How are you" I smile af the thought of Justin Drew Bieber is in this house. I fan girl for myself and keeps dancing around in the room.

Ryan's pow.

Yn plays all of Justin's songs. I just smile big. I can't wait to see her face when he is coming over. It's going to be fun. The doorbell rings. I know it's Justin so I run out to the door and opens it. Justin and I are bro hugging. " aya Ryan.... Hey buddy... How are you?" He asks. We get out of the bro hug and I tell him about the girl I'm seeing, my cousin Yn from Denmark and a lot of other stuff. Justin looks wired at me and smile" why is my songs playing in your house?" I smile big. " well... It's Yn. She is in love with your music and she is in love with you. She can't shut up about you. And her room in Denmark is full of you everywhere. I said to her earlier today that we are best friends. She freaked out. I just laughed. She was like you are what with who? How? When? Why didn't you tell me before?" Justin and I laughed.

Yn P.O.W

I'm laying on the bed reading in Justin's new released book I brought today. I'm in love with this book. The music that is playing is Justin's music. I love all of his songs. I sing along. Suddenly do I hear someone outside my door. I don't care. I just keep singing and dancing. Then there is someone that open my door. I turn around and see it's Justin and Ryan. Justin smiles sweet to me. I smile back. Ryan us laughing his ass off. "Yn do you want to play basketball with us outside?" Justin says and kick Ryan lightly in his side so he shut up. I smile and nod " yeah sure. I'll be out in a minute" I say and get them out of the room. I close the door and turn off my music. I walk out the door and I take on my Supras. I walk outside and over to the boys. Justin smile big. Ryan smile and look wired at me. "You can't play in these shoes. Go change to sports shoes" Ryan says. Justin looks at Ryan and give him the you-can-play-basketball-in-Supras-look. "Yo bro. I've Supras on too. Then we are the Supras agents the sports shoes" Justin says and smile to me. "That's a deal... Leggo" I say. We play for hours. I'm getting close to Justin too. He is sweet, kind, helping people and so on.

A few days later.

Yn P.O.W

Justin and I are going to the cinema today. Ryan want to stay home because the movie we are going to watch is one he already has watched before. I have a skater dress on in purple with a few black details and a pair of matching purple vans. Justin is wearing a classic pair of baggy pants and a classic t-shirt. A hand is taking mine. I look to the side and see Justin smile big. "You are a beautiful princess. A princess like you need a crown and a king to treat you like real gentlemen do." He kisses my check. I smile "Justin... Stop... You are making me blushing... " he learns forward and whispers in my ear. "You are so cute." With that he kisses me close to my lips but not on the lips. Him and I are walking in the room where the movie will be playing.

The movie is almost over. The last scean is playing. Justin is looking at me with a little smile. On the theater screen pops Justins face up with a big smile. "There is a special girl here tonight watching the movie that just ended. Now is she smiling" I smile. "Yep see there... She is smiling... Anyway I have a song I'll like to play for you. " in the video is Justin in The Avon Thetere playing OLLG for the camera only. After the song is done he says "Yn can I be your boyfriend" with that everything is turned off. A spotlight is shining on me and Justin. Justin smile and take my hand. "Can I be your boyfriend Yn?" I smile and kiss him soft on the lips. "I'll love to be your girlfriend Justin" everyone in the theatre is clapping, and the light turns on again. Justin lift me up and spin me around like they do in romantic movies. We kiss. Then I hear familiar voices. I look in their direction and see my family and also Ryan clapping and wooowig. I get down from Justin. I look directly in his eyes with a smile. "Did they know you'll ask me to be your girlfriend? " Justin smile big and nod yes. I smile and kiss him. He kiss back. "Arww" everyone says. I smile in the kiss and hug Justin tight. We stand there like forever.

This was summer love. Hope you like it :)

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