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She's got a boyfriend anyway

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3. two // hanging off your back


yeah my shirt looks so good

when it's just hanging off your back

Brandy put her hair up in a bun with bits of hair sticking out in all directions. She looked around the van before sighing. "We didn't bring extra clothes."

"You didn't," I corrected before pulling a tiny pile of clothes out from the corner. "I did."

She pouted, folding her arms across her chest. "You didn't tell me to!"

"It's common sense, Brandy." I chuckled.

She groaned. "Can't I borrow a shirt or something?"

"Just a shirt?" I quizzed.

"I've slept in my underwear around you." she scoffed.

But that was when Brandy and I had a thing. That was back when we could make out without anyone caring. Now she had a boyfriend. There was a barrier there.

"Don't you think your boyfriend wouldn't like that?" I inquired, reaching over and grabbing a random shirt to toss to her.

She caught the white and blue flannel that I apparently picked out before stripping herself of her shirt. She sat there in just a black bra as she jammed her arms into the sleeves. She didn't button up the shirt.

"He's not here," she smiled sweetly. Then she puckered her lips. "Does this shirt look good on me."

I stared at her exposed cleavage and her slim stomach. I couldn't help but stare. "Y-yeah," I stammered. "My shirt looks so good."

She giggled. "Eyes up, Hood."

I felt my face turn red. "Sorry."

Her face turned soft. "If this is too weird for you-"

"It's not," I assured her. "It's just, last time we had a sleepover, you were single."

She smiled faintly at the memory. Hopefully it was the same bits of the sleepover that I was thinking of: us on my bed with her on top of me as I kissed down her neck. That's what we did for the majority, so I assumed that's what she was remembering.

"I know," she sighed. "But now things are...different."

"Yeah, you have a boyfriend." I grumbled.

"Look, I can button it up."

"No, it's fine. Besides, it looks cute when it's just hanging off your back."

Brandy smiled at me, pushing the strands of hair falling in her face behind her ear. "Thanks, Cal."

"But to be honest, taking your pants off might be a little too much." I admitted.

"Yeah. Wouldn't want you getting a hard on while I'm trying to sleep." she teased.

"I would not." I mumbled.

"You've done it before," she said with a cocky smile. When I tried to hide my face, she put a hand on my leg. "It's fine. I wanted you to anyway."

I gave a sly smile. "But we never actually got that far."


She bit her lip and moved closer to me. "You remember that I said this weekend would just be us, right?"

"Yeah." I nodded, feeling my breathing hitch.

"I'd like to clarify," she told me, getting on her knees so she was the same height as me. "We're the only people in the world. My family doesn't exist, your family doesn't exist, and my boyfriend doesn't exist."

"I like this idea." I smirked.

"You're about to like it even more." she whispered as she pressed her familiar lips to mine.


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