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She's got a boyfriend anyway

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4. three // my spare time

and she said use your hands in my spare time

we got one thing in common, it's this tongue of mine

she said, she's got a boyfriend anyway


She raked her fingers through my hair as she nibbled on my bottom lip. Our tongues moved together in familiar ways that I've missed. Her hands trailed down the sides of my neck, over my shoulders, down my arms, and to my hands. She grabbed them in her smaller ones and placed them on her waist.

She said, "Use your hands, dummy."

I chuckled against her lips. I guess I was just so taken aback by what was going on that I forgot what to do. I moved my hands under my shirt that still hung off her petite frame. She laid back, pulling me along with her. I kept my weight held on my forearm, keeping the other hand on her side.

"You know," I said lowly against her jaw. "I could get used to doing this in my spare time."

She laughed. "It's all we used to do."

"I miss it."

"Me too."

I left a trail of kisses down her neck, over her chest, and all the way down her stomach. I stopped where her jean shorts started and looked up at Brandy. Her eyes were shut, her mouth barely parted.

"Do you want me to?" I wondered. She made it seem like she did since she started this after I mentioned that we never went all the way.

Her eyes fluttered open as she looked down at me. She sighed and rolled out from under me, running her thin, ring-covered fingers over her hair. "I do, but we can't."

"But you said-"

"I know what I said," she snapped. She inhaled deeply before letting out another sigh. "But it's more complicated than that, I guess. I still know that he exists. I couldn't do that to him."

"You can't tell me a guy like him hasn't cheated on you before." I scoffed.

"He's done a lot of stupid shit, but he would never cheat on me," she insisted. "There's just something to our relationship that makes it impossible for either of us to leave or be untrustworthy toward each other."

I looked at her skeptically as she began to button up my shirt. "I find that hard to believe after what you've said about him. You've even told me that you have nothing in common with him. How do you keep that relationship?"

"We've got one thing in common," she told me. "Well, besides drugs."

"That would be?" I pressed.

"It's this tongue of mine."

"Let me see if I've got this," I said, using my hands to talk. "All you do is get stoned and fuck each other?"

She shrugged. "Basically."

"Brandy," I groaned. "That's the worst relationship I've ever heard of!"

"We used to have a lot in common. We'd talk about music and movies and we'd go bowling and eat pizza," she smiled at the old memories. Her smile fell quickly. "But things changed. And we're stuck where we are."

I shook my head, taking both of her hands in mine. "You don't have to be. You could be with me."

She gave a sad smile, removing one of her hands to put it on my face. "I know, but it's not that easy."

I bowed my head away from her touch and rubbed the back of my neck. When I looked back up, I couldn't bring myself to look at her. "Let's just go to sleep."

She nodded and whispered out a, "Sorry, Calum."

We both got under the covers, but I slept farther away than I normally would've. I would've wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into me as I buried my face in her neck and breathed in her scent of perfume and weed. But I would've thought of what we should be, and I'd just get upset because that's not what we are. She's got a boyfriend anyway.

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