Moving In With Beau Brooks!

Melissa Jared , A seventeen year old girl. She lives in the heart of Australia , Melbourne. She used to have a peaceful , Normal life. Until the ''Janoskians'' came back from their"GOT CAKE!'' tour. In other words , Her five bullies. Wanna find out what happens next , Continue reading "Moving In with Beau Brooks!"

**** My Janoskians concert was yesterday sep 27* Can I just say i was crying a couple seconds ago and Im about to tear up again , It was amazing, My Idols , My world were right their Im still in shock I seen "THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!" ASFGJTG . My life, James waved at me but I looked messy after the concert because He threwwater on us* Teehee James showered us<3 Well me!! *********

I love you boys <3

And if your reading this twitter is @JustinsMagnet (;


3. Late for the Meetup!



   They left me their , standing alone in the middle of the hallways.

 I am not going through what I did before again. I walked off down the hall and silently opened the door.


"Miss Jared, Why are you late!?" She said while looking at me pushing her glasses down too luck at me with her eyes.



"Uh , I woke up late!" I said while biting my lip.


"Detention , afterschool!!" She said pointing me to go sit near the window


I sighed, Oh no .


What if they wait for me , what if they kill me , my eyes widened.

My thoughts were interrupted when the teacher call on me.


"Miss Jared would you like to answer this!" She said looking at me with a stern look.




**Whats 9+10 *, 21* Kiddingg! LOL**


She rolled her eyes and turned away.


The bell rang and the day went by pretty quickly, until lunch.


I walked into the cafeteria , trying to avoid them.


I walked quick as possible to Samantha.


"Im here for you , dont worry!" She said as I looked down.

"what" She asked telling Im hiding something.


"Nothing!" I said eating my sandwich.


When lunch was over I quickly threw my wrappers away and -

I felt a pair of hands wrapped around my waist pulling me into a dark room.. Janitors closet.


I sighed knowing I was gonna get it.


"Whha do you waant-" I finally managed to let my words out.


Beau chuckled and got closer.

I kneed him  where it wasnt exactly bright. And ran off before the rest could come get me.


I sighed in relief knowing I lost them I sighed running to my locker getting my stuff.

I heard footsteps behind me as I sprinted to my class.


The day went on like this until the end of the day.


Thankgod I had detention now , Maybe they'll leave.


I went to the detention room. I sat their quietly for about a good thirty minutes.


"You may Leave now!" She said while getting her stuff to leave.


I sighed and got up and grabbed my backpack and checked if the coast was clear.


I sighed in relief and ran out of school.

Then I realized I didnt have to run anymore , thats when I was wrong.


"Looking for us!" Someone said while slapping me in the face.


"Your late , fucking late!" Luke said , Now Luke always had anger issues , but he would laugh sometimes.


I was gonna try to punch them when Jai caught my hands.

James and Skip pinned me to the ground...


About five seconds later I blacked out.




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