Moving In With Beau Brooks!

Melissa Jared , A seventeen year old girl. She lives in the heart of Australia , Melbourne. She used to have a peaceful , Normal life. Until the ''Janoskians'' came back from their"GOT CAKE!'' tour. In other words , Her five bullies. Wanna find out what happens next , Continue reading "Moving In with Beau Brooks!"

**** My Janoskians concert was yesterday sep 27* Can I just say i was crying a couple seconds ago and Im about to tear up again , It was amazing, My Idols , My world were right their Im still in shock I seen "THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!" ASFGJTG . My life, James waved at me but I looked messy after the concert because He threwwater on us* Teehee James showered us<3 Well me!! *********

I love you boys <3

And if your reading this twitter is @JustinsMagnet (;


1. Just the Begenning

Melissa's POV (Thoughts):


I heard a giant noise come from my room , I turned around and realized it was time to go to school , I groaned. I smacked the alarm clock to shut it up. and groaned pressing my face into my  pillow screaming.  I got up and made my way to the shower . I could use a cold shower , I know usually its supposed to be hot , but I sweat at night so I need a nice cold shower , but you know not freezing cold. 

I splashed some cold water on my face afterwards as well as I brushed my teeth.

I made my way out of the shower and changed into a pretty floral tank , Some light blue wash Jeans. I still had some scars and bruises on my body left so I had to cover them up , So I also added a jacket.



I checked the alarm clock , "Shit!" , I mumbled.

It was already 7:58. 


  I  ran out of my room grabbing my bag , took a granola bar and a chocolate milk  , don't judge  me.


 I  grabbed my skateboard and skateboarded to my school which was called Penola Catholic School,When I arrived realizing I had a couple minutes left. I walked over to my best friend Samantha .


"Hey!" I said.

She gave me a look , while looking ot the other direction.


I turned around as my jaw dropped.


"No fucking way!" I said with a shocked look on my face.



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