Moving In With Beau Brooks!

Melissa Jared , A seventeen year old girl. She lives in the heart of Australia , Melbourne. She used to have a peaceful , Normal life. Until the ''Janoskians'' came back from their"GOT CAKE!'' tour. In other words , Her five bullies. Wanna find out what happens next , Continue reading "Moving In with Beau Brooks!"

**** My Janoskians concert was yesterday sep 27* Can I just say i was crying a couple seconds ago and Im about to tear up again , It was amazing, My Idols , My world were right their Im still in shock I seen "THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!" ASFGJTG . My life, James waved at me but I looked messy after the concert because He threwwater on us* Teehee James showered us<3 Well me!! *********

I love you boys <3

And if your reading this twitter is @JustinsMagnet (;


5. Get Ready Because Bruises Coming Your Way

   I marched up to my room and screamed into my my pillow , for the second time today.

   Why me? .. I sighed and changed into my panda pajama bottoms , and "Bish Whet" T shirt.

     I made my way to my bed and  fell asleep , finally peaceful.

   Then around  9 hours later , I woke up.  Except it was earlier then usual , And it wasnt from my         alarm clock. Maybe if I make it to school early , I can avoid them.

  They used to bully me for three years straight, and now their back for the fourth .. I sighed.

  I quickly got up and decided not to shower this morning, Ill probably get all dirty anyways,from        them.*Teehee DIRTY, DIRTY PIG GET IT , NO?KAY* (';


   So I was hoping I could avoid them If I dont go near walls , And if i go early, So i can wear something nice. 

   So I put on a nice black skater skirt, And a grey crop top. Followed along by blue vans.

    I decided to cover the bruises with concealer and call it a day.


  I decided not to have a full meal just in case they get their earlier , So I got a Granola Bar, Chocolate milk carton and that's it. 


   So I did and I skateboarded to school. I quickly ran inside and got my books ready for History class.

  I decided to wait outside History class, So soon as the bell would ring I'd be in class. 

   I sent a text to Samatha and told her to try to come earlier , she said she would see what she could do.   

   I was currently drinking my chocolate milk carton , Yeah I'm seventeen drinking a chocolate milk , well almost eighteen ...  

I heard similar footsteps , that is when I started to kinda freak out , So I held on to the door knob in case . Footsteps came closer and I swung the door open .... Realizing It was Samatha.

"Ms.Jared , Seem to want to explain what Just Happen!"My History teacher asked .

  "Sorry , It was an accident I didn't mean to open it!" I said with a honest look and she just looked away , probably annoyed of me.


  Samatha was trying to hold in her laughter as I sighed In relief. Then about five minutes later the bell rang as I rushed In class . I sat In the back trying to avoid Jai and Luke because they were In this class.


  Jai and Luke walked In with smirks on their face and I realized I had a seat available on each side of me So I was about to get up but everyone else had filled the seats, Oh boy.

 Basically they would throw notes at me , and call me names , I just ignored them... 

 Class went on like that for about a good hour and then soon as the bell rang , I already had my stuff ready and I ran out the class avoiding them the best I can.

 The day went like this same thing me avoiding them , Didnt work out because I got slammed in a  locker. 

 "Meet us after school , again!" Someone whispered in my ear before the bell rang for Health. 

About an hour later I ran outside. 

"Where you going babe?" I heard someone say, I'd recognize that voice from anywhere.  I sighed.


"Hi Beau.." I said Nervous and Scared..


"What bout me" Jai shoved me. 





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