Moving In With Beau Brooks!

Melissa Jared , A seventeen year old girl. She lives in the heart of Australia , Melbourne. She used to have a peaceful , Normal life. Until the ''Janoskians'' came back from their"GOT CAKE!'' tour. In other words , Her five bullies. Wanna find out what happens next , Continue reading "Moving In with Beau Brooks!"

**** My Janoskians concert was yesterday sep 27* Can I just say i was crying a couple seconds ago and Im about to tear up again , It was amazing, My Idols , My world were right their Im still in shock I seen "THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!" ASFGJTG . My life, James waved at me but I looked messy after the concert because He threwwater on us* Teehee James showered us<3 Well me!! *********

I love you boys <3

And if your reading this twitter is @JustinsMagnet (;


11. A Kiss To Remember.. now lets go back a while back!

 When I was done using the washroom I went downstairs found Luke making Breakfast. 

"Uh Hi." I said looking down.

"Hey?" He said confused.

He just walked away when Beau came down.


I walked over to the kitchen as Beau came up to me.

"Uh Hi?" I said..

He stared at me with  a look on his face that I never seen before.

"Beau?" I waved in his face.

Next thing I knew he picked me up and pinned me against the wall on his lips..

I cant.

I wont.

I did...

His lips were so soft and smooth , I couldnt help it.

We literally sat their making out for about a good half an hour, I never even realized. 

Until I let go breathing loudly  and hard.

He bit his lip and stared at my lips again as I was in his arms.

" Beau I cant.." I said Biting my lip back.

He had a blank expression on his face.

"Cant what?" He said with a hurt look.

"Cant do this , You've hit me multiple times , beat the shit outta me!" I started to tear up.

He looked down feeling guilty..

"If you knew why" I heard a mumble.

"What!?" I asked.

"IF YOU KNEW WHY!?" He yelled.

"KNEW WHAT!?" I Yelled back .


"I've liked you since fourth grade , But you embaressed me in front of everyone , When I asked you out at near your locker!" He said with a hurt look.


"Beau that was like fucking 8 years ago.." I said pissed.

I could tell he was holding in his tears.

He stayed silent.

"Beau , you made my life a living hell!" I said showing him my cuts , which werent showing as much because I havent done it in a while.

He grabbed my hand and kissed it where the cuts were.

"Im sorry okay , Im sorry!! I cant help it though , I thought I hated you but It was mixed feelings , you hurt me so many times , The rest knew !! They fucking knew thats why they hate you " He said , As a tear rolled down his cheek.

I placed my hand and stroked his cheeks and wiped the tear away. He grabbed me by my waist. I felt so many sparks , I couldnt help but kiss him.It all happend so fast , I just found my lips on his.


"i love you.." He said. 



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