Poetic Ramblings

A collection of poems from years past and now.


4. Haiku

The old master sits

In the shade of the cherry

Blossom falls like tears.


Down by the river

A small boy with a kite

Teases the north wind.


The strong apple tree

That grew down in the meadow

Now can read the stars.


Swift, a silver glint

Dances through the dusk dimness

Pause. A life cut short.


Poison seeping slow

A shattered heart, letting go

A single tear lost.


Eyesight failing, blind

Hearing gone, love forgotten

Still grasping to life.


I fly in the sky

Embraced by the wind and then

I fall back to earth.


A single raindrop

Softly, on a dark red gown

Tells tales of true love.


The wind in the trees

Tells secrets from times long past

Truths I'll never know.

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