Poetic Ramblings

A collection of poems from years past and now.


6. A Tired Mind

Shrouded dark as desperate night I hide.
Spiralling. Spiralling like the ever flowing tide.
Unsure, unwavering. Pride is my downfall.
Copper masks and powered lead. I call
For sense and order, like conductor of the strings,
When chaos and disorder govern all things.
Minds beg for sense they can't explain
And in doing so drive their own insane.
Shaken, fearful. Acting brave.
But how much is left to save?
Like a ball of string, tied tight around
A sparking wire nest, and all unwound,
Like cloths that scissors tried to heal
But lost the thread, wounds never to seal.
Costing sense and order, life and day,
Night's taken all but the shattered sun away.
People ask who, no. What I am?
But to give an answer. I don't know if I even can.
Lost like a line without a hook,
I have a cover, but I'm no book.
Like everyone, read between the lines,
You'll see exactly what you'll find
Just as everybody else, a tired mind
Reside here, with what is left of human kind.

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