True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


7. Tour / Just Asking

Ruth's POV ~

Calum shows me around the house.

'This is Lukey's room.''This is Mikey's room''This is Ash's room' he says stepping in each room and showing me around a little bit.

'This is where we practise..' He says.

'WOW!! Here my dear is where legends were created!!' I say chuckling to myself. He laughs behind me. 'Can i try those?' I say pointing to the acoustic box drums. 'Sure, I don't think Ash would have a problem'

I flash him a smile and head in that direction. I play a little something randomly.

'You are amazing' He says astonished.

'Umm.. Thanks. I didn't learn actually. I just like these. They are awesome. I guess it just comes naturally?' I say blushing a little.

'Then with a little help from Ash you will be freaking awesome. Then when Ash retires you can play.!' He says jokingly.

'Nah.. If he retires I bet all of you would' I say.

'Anyways.. Lets continue with our tour. Shall we?' He asks putting his hand in front of him like a gentleman.

'It would be my pleasure.' I say in a British accent.

And we laugh bout our small joke.

'Don't mean to interrupt this amazayn ( for all the directioners) tour, but where is the washroom?' I ask shyly.

'Right this way.' He says smiling flashing his dimples at me, leading me to the washroom

'Okay... Dude is this a washroom or a private chamber??!!' I say stepping inside.

'Not sure.' He simply says coming in with me.

I turn my head and see a variety of SHOWER GELS!!! I LOVE SHOWER GELS. I walk towards the shelf containing the gels.

'Ooo. Im staying here anyways right... So Im gonna try this and this and this and this...' I say pointing to all of 'em.

'Yeah, and maybe Ill help you use them..' He replies cheekily.

'Idiot..' I say and walk over to shoo him out of the washroom. On the way there I slip on a little bit of water and yell. Just before the back of my head comes in contact with the floor, I feel a pair of hands slip under me and wrap themselves round my waist. My eyes were shut tightly. When I open my eyes, I see the one and only Calum Hood holding me. Looking at me with his eyes... Wait.. Whats wrong with me. He had to look with his eyes only ??!!

'Than-ks' I stutter.

'I told you Im there for you.' He said smiling, showing off his dimples. Suddenly, his expression became blank.

He leaned in and pulled me up a little bit.

He leaned in till out noses were touching. I could feel him breathe a little. My heart beat rate increased. I looked back at him and pushed him back a little.

He looked like he snapped out of a day-dream and helped me stand up.

'Sorry, I got caught up in the moment.' He said looking down becoming completely red.

'Yeah.. Me too.. Umm... ILikeYourEyes' I say the last part really really fast.

'Thanks..' He said becoming scarlet red looking down at the floor. 'Will you go out with me for dinner. Just as friends,that is.' He said the last part really fast.

'I would love too. Why did you think Id say no?' I say.

'Because I thought you already had a boyfriend and maybe you might say no.' He said shyly.

'Nah.. So how should I dress?' I ask

'Casual..' He replied.

'Okay. Soo Ill see you later tonight.' I tell him.

'Why? Where are you going now?' He asks worried.

'Shopping. I mean, do I look like the kind of person that has the perfect outfit for a dat- outing Joanna has to help me out with that kind of stuff.' I reply smiling.

'Fine. See you later then?' He asks smiling

'Yup..' I reply smiling back at him.


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