True Love?

An undesired past.. A unknown future... What does the future hold?? Will Ruth finally find True Love? Read on to find out...…


13. Tangled and then Movies

Ruth's POV~


We reached Calum's house and Calum went to his room after some time. The skin coloured band-aid that Joanna put on me becoming loose. I run to the bathroom leaving the door open to tighten the band-aid. I looked like a mummy with my band-aid loose. It was that loose!

'Do you need some help with that?' A voice asked. I turn to the door and see Ashton leaning to the door frame, smiling at me. Those Dimples. 'Um- No I'm fine. Thanks anyways..' I say. 'Thanks. For what?' He asks standing upright now. 'One.. For the date planning. And second for asking' I say with a smile. That very second the band-aid roll starts slipping from my hand. I feel one hand on my back and one holding the hand with the band-aid in it, gripping the ban-aid roll. 'I think Ill help you anyways. Even though you don't seem to need my help.' Ashton says. 'Thank-ks' I say. 'Come with me.' He says undoing the whole band-aid. My wound feels cold from the sudden exposure. I follow him to his bedroom. 'Sit' he says calmly indicating to the bed. I sit and he starts wrapping the band-aid round my head. I take this time to look round the room. Other than a few things here and there, everything seems clean. Then I notice a drum set and an acoustic box drum set. 'All done!' He says in a high pitched voice. I giggle at his sudden girlie-ness. 'Can you play those for me? That is if you don't mind.' I request pointing to the drums. What can you say. Im with my idols here!! Im very polite xP. He gives me a ARE YOU CRAZY look.. 'Just give a reason to play a reason to play the instrument and I will. Of course I wont mind' he says smiling showing off his dimples. THOSE DIMPLES!!! He takes the seat of the drum set and starts playing. I sit there. Eyes wide open. Mouth hing wide open. Stunned. 'Close your mouth. You'll catch flies.' He says winking at me. 'Anyways why did you want me to play the drums?' He asks. 'Oh.. You know.. Im into drummers more that guitarists.' I say winking back at him. He smiles back at me. 'Im hungry!!' I whine. 'Didn't you just eat and come?' He asks raising his eyebrows. 'What can I say.. I LOVE FOOD!!' I yell. 'I swear, i KNOW that you and Niall are related.' He laughed and said. 'Meet me in the kitchen after sometime. Like 10 min. After that we'll watch movies?' I say or ask. IDK. 'Okie. Ill show you to your room. Joanna and you are sharing a room. Luke thought that you might want a girlfriend. Joanna already bought your clothes.' He informs. 'That was thoughtful of him. Yes please. Show me to my room' I say. Note to self: 1. thank Luke for this.

2.tease Luke and Joanna.

He leads me to the guest room and then goes to the kitchen. I quickly change into my pyjamas and remove my makeup. I undid my hair and left it open.

10 min. Thank god. I go to the kitchen and Ashton is sitting there with a few movies. 'I was bored soo I picked a few movies. I have Finding nemo.....' Before he finished i say 'FINDING NEMO. DEFIANTLY FINDING NEMO!!' Okay more like yelled. He just giggles like a school boy. 'Now... To eat. I open the cupboard and pour 2 bowls of Cheerios. Like I owned the place. 'Lets go' i say cheerfully. 'I just started knowing you and I know your my long lost sister already.' He says. He go to the couch and cuddle to watch the movie. After some time we pause the movie. When I look around... EVERYBODY'S ON THE COUCH. EVERYBODY. Calum. Luke. Joanna. Michael. Guess it was Family Movie time





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